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Technical Support

The goal of support is to have an in-depth understanding of Spaceti’s technologies and to be able to answer frequently asked questions. If there’s anything you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Spaceti’s hardware and software can be installed quickly and easily. We take pride in the process not disturbing the building itself nor its occupants. All Spaceti equipment can be installed without drilling or other invasive procedures and the process takes only a matter of hours depending on the size of the building.


Blueprints for each floor of the building where installation will take place are necessary as is the building’s address.

Permission to operate wireless networks (868 MHz Bluetooth) from the owner is necessary.

Mobile App: Android: 5.0+
iOS: 10+
Analytic Platform: Microsoft® Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox 29+, Google® Chrome 34+, Apple® Safari 9+ etc.

Software Installation

Installation takes place using Spaceti’s map editor.

Blueprints are transposed through the map editor into the Spaceti system. The result is a layer for each floor.

Individual points of interest must be added to the map (i.e. printers, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, etc.). The same is true for room outlines/polygons and a simple navigational diagram of the ways around the building.

The system’s nucleus is a cloud administered within EU territory.

The mobile application is free to download from Google Play and the App Store.

The mobile app has several access levels, such as visitor, user, facility manager, cleaner, administrator, etc.


Smart Stone Edition Products

Devices are placed throughout the indoor space. No integration with the building’s electrical or wireless infrastructure is necessary. The devices can be installed on walls using double-sided tape for wood, plastic, metal, and glass surfaces, glued on to surfaces like concrete, or mounted using screws in very specific cases.

Personal & Asset Tags

Personal tags work on the principles of visitor badges. Asset tags can be easily installed via stickers, zip-ties, or screws in the case of big items.

Parking Gem

Parking sensors can be installed on the wall via the wall-mounting platform or to the floor using glue or screws.

Wellness HUB

The Wellness HuB is connected to a power outlet near where measurements should be taken.


The removal process is just as simple as installation, taking only a few hours depending on the size of the building. The devices are not damaged by their removal.


The mobile app can simply be uninstalled by building occupants and the Analytics platform requires no uninstallation as it is provided as a SaaS solution over the internet.


Smart Stone Edition Products

The devices will simply be removed from the walls and the tape usually does not leave any visual marks.

Personal & Asset Tags

Personal tags require no uninstallation; people simply stop using them. Asset Tags are easily removed from equipment without leaving any visual marks.

Parking Gems

Parking sensors can be easily uninstalled from walls or floors, leaving minimal visual marks if screws were used for mounting.

Wellness HUB

The Wellness HUB is disconnected from the wall outlet.