Red-Thread Safe Return to Work

Red Thread is a 470-employee audio-visual systems integrator and wholly owned subsidiary of Steelcase. It operates nine office locations in the United States throughout CT, MA, NH, and ME, as well as three warehouses. Spaceti helped Red Thread create a safe and data-driven office for the post-COVID-19 world.
Red-Thread Safe Return to Work

Project Challenges

Reach an Occupancy Level of 25%

Reduce office occupancy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contract Tracing

Monitor who is in the office at specific times so they can be contacted in case of an infection.

Space Management

Implement a tool for booking parking, workplaces, and meeting rooms to ensure proper social distancing.

Results of the Cooperation

Thanks to the cooperation between Red Thread and Spaceti, a booking, contact tracing, and social distancing system was implemented where Red Thread uses:
Seat & Room Booking
Parking Reservations
Daily Utilisation Reports
Contact Tracing

Cooperation between Spaceti and Red-Thread has led to:

25% Occupancy

Employees can only book 25% of the space’s capacity.

Flexible Booking Management

The facility management team can flexibly determine how much space will be available.

A Precise Occupancy Report

Accurate data about the possible spread of contagions if an infection is suspected in the space.

A Social Distancing Tool

Red Thread provides all employees with a safe work environment.

Global Scale

Successful cooperation has led Red Thread to re-sell Spaceti’s system to its clients.

John Mitton, Chief Technology Officer at Red-Thread

"Red-Thread’s partnership with Spaceti reflects our commitment to democratize flexible workplace technology. Through mobile or desktop bookings, contact tracing, and occupancy analytics, workplace managers can easily implement and monitor a safe re-entry strategy while improving their employee’s experience. We’re excited to continue innovating together to ensure employee wellbeing at work."

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