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Data-driven Smart Workplace Platform

Spaceti is a leader in proptech, providing an end-to-end digital solution that consists of flexible and advanced analytics, a mobile app, and a range of sensors. Spaceti enhances the satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing of people in workplaces while improving the bottom line for organisations.

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Spaceti’s system is made up of a set of modules that can be combined to tailor the solution to the client’s needs, saving owners and tenants building management costs while increasing productivity and people’s wellbeing.

Workplace App

Meet the all-in-one mobile & web app for buildings that creates a community among occupants and improves services within the facility.

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Occupancy Analytics

See building occupancy at the level of the entire building, individual floors, rooms, and even chairs. Optimise the space while saving costs and offering a tool that provides real-time hot-desking.

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Environmental Analytics

Monitor the indoor environment, including CO2, temperature, humidity  to optimise their levels, save costs, and offer people a healthy and productive workplace.

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Smart Parking

Analyse how your parking lot is being used by floor or at the level of individual spaces. Use the tool to find a free parking space and navigate to it or book parking spaces for later.

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Indoor Navigation

Make movement around large buildings easier by employing our indoor navigation system. Save their time while increasing productivity and satisfaction.

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Spaceti’s occupancy analytics enabled Sodexo to start making smarter decisions on the basis of data collected.

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Spaceti  is one of the first firms to offer an all-in-one  proptech  platform that combines a mobile & web app with the ability to integrate with various other systems. The technology can work just as software or together with our sensors as a complete IoT building solution. All technologies have been developed and produced by Spaceti’s labs.  Spaceti holds ISO27001:2013 certification.

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