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Spaceti is an enterprise IoT platform that makes your workplace transparent and allows people to manage their physical space effectively. It helps set standards for people’s comfort and wellbeing, leading to greater productivity.

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Immediate Added <br> Value
Immediate Added

Installing Spaceti usually takes a couple
of days, but you feel the benefits immediately. Our clients have achieved
an ROI of 300% over the first 3 months
and €6,500 in annual savings per person thanks to improved productivity brought about by the implementation of interactive technologies and improved
air quality.

Advanced Plug&Play <br> Technology
Advanced Plug&Play

Spaceti’s combination of a mobile app for a superior user experience, advanced analytics to help you make data-driven decisions, and in-house produced sensors with a battery life of up to 15 years create a unique digital office solution. Individual software functionalities are also mutually compatible and scalable according to your needs.


We’ve been on the market for four years and completed more than 100 projects. Our professional consulting and support team is always available to provide you any help you may need.
We were named the world best proptech startup by MIPIM in 2019.

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Are you prepared for people to return to the office?

Employees expect a healthy and secure environment. Create a data-controlled transparent workplace and implement a social distancing strategy that allows your employees to only book selected workplaces.

Have full control over the quality of the air in the office and offer your employees a healthy environment that minimises contagion.

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Workplace Analytics

Adopt an Advanced Workplace Management Strategy

Create a data-driven workplace and flexibly manage occupancy. Maintain wellbeing standards to improve the health and productivity of your people.

The data from our enterprise-grade BI analytics help you make decisions to lower the long-term costs of your spaces.

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Workplace App

Simplify Your Workday
with a Personal Booking App

Maximise your employees’ experience and workflow by giving them their office in the palm of their hand.

Improve people’s workday through simple booking of desks, meeting rooms, and even parking spaces. Provide people with clear overviews of the building and real-time maps.

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Meeting Room App

Manage Your
Meeting Rooms Better

Use our tablet-based app to provide simple booking
services to all your staff. Manage meeting room
schedules. Minimise no-show reservations and late
arrivals to make your workplace more effective, flexible,
and interactive.

Meeting Room App
Clients Trust Spaceti

As a service provider, Sodexo’s goal is to understand occupancies, make the building more agile and flexible, and adapt services to the people within the organization. Sodexo decided to implement Spaceti’s occupancy analytics in order to start making smarter decisions on the basis of the data collected.

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Thanks to a fast-growing headcount, MSD had constant parking problems that they solved using our sensors. Building administrators now have a precise overview of data about how the parking lot is used while employees can be navigated to open spots.

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Castellum wants to develop best places for their customers. Spaceti solution with occupancy and environmental analytics help them make smarter decisions through providing data-driven space. It provides 2 main benefits – enjoyable coworking space and more efficient use of other sources such as energy.

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The Technology

Using Sensors

Spaceti offers stand-alone software or an end-to-end solution that includes our proprietary wireless sensors. These battery-powered devices were developed in-house specifically for use with Spaceti software. However, our software can also be integrated with third-party sensors.

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Using Sensors

Available Integrations

The Spaceti solution can expand its functionality and leverage its full potential when incorporating relevant systems that have open APIs to exchange data.

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Available Integrations


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