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Spaceti is an enterprise IoT platform that uses data-driven analytics to analyze and optimize workplace occupancy and wellbeing.

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<br>Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics

Evaluate workstation, meeting room and parking utilization, and monitor indoor air quality.

<br>Workplace Apps

Workplace Apps

Book a workstation, use indoor navigation, and access office news.

<br>Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors

Our in-house-developed sensors collect data about occupancy, air quality, and indoor positioning.

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Plan for the Future

Help People Return
to a Safe Office

Need to implement contact tracing or a social distancing strategy? Monitor the presence of people at each workspace and block out work stations available for booking in accordance with your policies.
Social Distancing Case Study

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Improve Wellbeing

Create a Healthy Data-Driven Workplace

Analyze CO2, humidity, and temperature levels. Control the air you breathe and help minimize the spread of contagions while improving workplace productivity.
Air Quality Case Study

Use occupancy analytics to access data about workstation, parking lot, or meeting room utilisation.
Occupancy Analytics Case Study


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Book your day in advance

Provide an Interactive
Workplace Experience

Save people time spent searching for an empty space by allowing them to pre-book a workstation, meeting room, and parking space using the workplace app.

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Enjoy a Collaborative Workplace

Manage Your Meeting

Using our meeting room app you can manage meeting room schedules and minimize ghost-reservations by implementing a check-in system.

Meeting Room Display
Smart Parking

Experience a More
Efficient Parking Lot

Using the workplace app, people can pre-book their parking spot and get ready knowing their day just became a little easier.

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Clients Trust Spaceti

Red-Thread used Spaceti space management system together with user-facing personal booking application to help define social distancing occupancy caps and define what spaces (desks, parking spaces, meeting rooms) are reservable based on their social distancing guideline.

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The Danish property management company installed a new natural ventilation system. Through data and analytics collected by Spaceti they were able to discover inherent limits to the current system. By monitoring levels of CO2, temperature and humidity, employees can reconsider their working environments and improve productivity

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L’Oréal Deutschland

L’Oréal Deutschland, Düsseldorf, wanted to increase employee productivity and replace manual counting with a precise digital tool. Using Spaceti’s occupancy analytics they were able to use our tools for space planning and scalability so that they can add new functions in the future

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L’Oréal Deutschland

Castellum wants to develop best places for their customers. Spaceti solution with occupancy and environmental analytics help them make smarter decisions through providing data-driven space. It provides 2 main benefits – enjoyable coworking space and more efficient use of other sources such as energy.


Thanks to a fast-growing headcount, MSD had constant parking problems that they solved using our sensors. Building administrators now have a precise overview of data about how the parking lot is used while employees can be navigated to open spots.

The Technology

Using Sensors

Spaceti offers stand-alone software or an end-to-end solution that includes our proprietary wireless sensors. These battery-powered devices were developed in-house specifically for use with Spaceti software. However, our software can also be integrated with third-party sensors.

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Using Sensors

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