Smart Parking

Make Your Parking
Lot More Efficient
and Painless

Create a data-driven parking lot and constantly increase its efficiency. Save people time spent searching for an empty space. Improve employee satisfaction with the parking experience.

Your Challenges

How About Your Parking Challenges?

Unknown Parking<br>Lot Usage

Unknown Parking
Lot Usage

Companies often don't know the utilisation of their parking lots. Therefore, they are not able to tell if they have too many spaces or whether they need more.

Parking in Unauthorised<br>Spaces

Parking in Unauthorised

People often park in places where they shouldn’t, forcing others to also use unauthorised spaces.

Dissatisfaction<br>with Parking

with Parking

People don’t know if they can drive to work in the morning because they don’t know if there will be a parking space when they arrive.

Workplace App

Know Everyday Where to Park

  • Use a simple mobile app to reserve your parking space according to current occupancy. The battery powered Parking Sensor determines whether a space is occupied or vacant.
  • Pick the right parking lot based on your personal preferences.
  • Select the time frame and the app will show you all the available parking spots.
  • View your parking space and see real-time space occupancy in the map.
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace
Parking Analytics

Every Parking Space Matters

  • See the long-term and short-term occupancy of your parking lot and analyse individual floors and spaces.
  • Get a real-time overview of your parking lot’s occupancy.
  • Export charts and reports for different periods into standard formats (csv, xls).
Parking Display

Decide Quickly

  • See current parking availability.
  • Decide quickly where to park using Parking Display.