Create a Safe & Healthy Workplace with Environmental Analytics

Measure and analyze levels of CO2, humidity, temperature, light, noise, PM2.5/10 and tVOC in any room to reduce the spread of contagions. Increase people’s productivity by offering them an environment where they can breathe healthier air.

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Superior Indoor Air Quality

Obtain a detailed report about level of CO2, temperature, humidity, light, noise, PM2.5/10 and tVOC. Leverage data to make immediate decisions to create a safe workplace.

Increased Comfort

Empower your people by giving them the choice of sitting in a place that best suits their needs. Let them never worry about being too hot or too cold.

For a Safer Environment

Use Spaceti’s Environmental Analytics to maintain indoor humidity levels above 40% to reduce the spread of airborne viruses.

Improved Productivity

Reduce CO2 levels and ensure proper ventilation to create a healthier workplace and increase people's productivity.

Provide a Sustainable Work Environment

Actively measure humidity, CO2, temperature, light, noise, PM2.5/10 and tVOC
24/7 space reporting to make data-driven decisions
Long-term utilisation analytics
Real-time maps
Environmental data overview in the mobile app
Service alerts via SMS, e-mail, MS Team

Environmental Analytics Showcase

Watch our demo to see how you can harness environmental analytics to improve your people's wellbeing and protect their health.

Dashboard Showcase

Take a look at a brief demo on how you can work with our dashboard.

Clients Testimonials

Martin Grønberg Myrold, Campus Manager at L'Oréal

"We are able to offer our employees improved workspaces that have been adapted to suit their individual and collective needs and ways of working while simultaneously allowing the workspaces to be flexibly and comfortably adjusted to organizational changes when needed. Implementing a data-driven workplace has increased flexibility, improved space efficiency by 15%, and offered a hundredfold ROI."

Rasmus-Juul Nytholm, Managing Director at Cobblestone

"The Spaceti Environmental Analytics solution provides much more granular and transparent data as opposed to traditional BMS systems."

Start Working with Spaceti and Leverage Your Workplace

Cloud-based SaaS solution
Installation completed within hours
Data privacy compliant with GDPR
ISO27001 Compliance
24x7 monitoring and Service-Level Agreements
Enterprise ready and integrates with your favourite tools