Cobblestone Adapted to the New Normal & Improved Their Air Quality.

Cobblestone is a large property manager in Denmark with hundreds of employees who cannot work from home. Cobblestone had to resolve their employee’s complaints about the environment and ensure a safe workplace.
Cobblestone Adapted to the New Normal & Improved Their Air Quality.

Project Challenges

Control Air Quality

80% of the Cobblestone office is ventilated naturally by opening and closing windows, and they don’t measure air quality.

Decrease CO2 Levels

During winter, the employees have to keep the windows closed, resulting in very high CO2 levels, affecting employee productivity.

Manage Occupancy

It is essential to measure room occupancy within the parameters of each work shift to ensure that limits have not been exceeded.

Results of the Cooperation

Cobblestone implemented the Occupancy Analytics and Air Quality modules together with the Building App to allow their people to flexibly book a space. Through the data collected by Spaceti, they discovered that the ventilation system has inherent limits, and using the Spaceti system, Cobblestone implemented work shift rotations. Currently, Cobblestone makes use of:
Workstation Utilization
Mobile App Booking
CO2 Monitoring
Humidity Measurement
Temperature Check

Cooperation between Spaceti and Cobblestone has led to:

Installation of 300 occupancy sensors

Periodic occupancy measurement and implementation of work shifts

Workstation Booking

The facility management team can flexibly determine how much space will be available.

Healthy Air

Improved air quality increased employee productivity and decreased complaints about the environment.

Employee Satisfaction

The Spaceti App allows employees to check the air quality levels around them and report them to FM teams.

Control System

More granular and transparent data than the current BMS systems allow for data-driven conversations with landlords.

Rasmus-Juul Nytholm, Managing Director at Cobblestone

"The Spaceti solution provides much more granular and transparent data as opposed to traditional BMS systems."

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