Living Lab - World First in the WELL Performance Rating

Ethos Digital and Spaceti have collaborated to develop a Living Lab. The Living Lab is a data-driven IoT engineering project, which will allow Ethos Digital to showcase the concept of Place-activation, the ability to manage operations from the insights provided by Spaceti’s suite of occupancy and environmental IoT sensors. When combined, the data provided allowed the firm to regulate and manage the work environment, providing optimum levels of ventilation, space management and staff engagement.
Living Lab - World First in the WELL Performance Rating

Project Objectives

WELL Performance Rating

Projects must achieve 21 points across key IEQ metrics to achieve the WELL Performance Rating. Upon achievement of the WELL Performance Rating, customers can expand their commitment to health and well-being by certifying the whole building or scaling their efforts across their entire organization.

Place-Activation Concept

This project sets out to exhibit the concept of Place-activation, the ability to manage operations from the insights provided by Spaceti’s suite of occupancy and environmental IoT sensors.

Digital Twin Concept

Implementation of the concept of the digital twin into the building information model (BIM) to allow real-time visualization based on the collected data that will inform decisions about building operations, further providing utility for design-driven decisions.

ESG Agenda

Provide an actionable plan for making adjustments to the way how to operate the facilities in order to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption while maintaining high standards of comfort, safety, and health.

Results of the Cooperation

Spaceti has worked closely with the Ethos team to develop an action plan based on their findings so they could work towards improving their workplace environment. In a world that is becoming more and more data-driven, it is important to understand variables and metrics in data. Further to the engineering work, Ethos Digital has developed a metrics assessment framework to provide the necessary context for the sensor data provided by the Spaceti IoT sensor layer.
Data-driven Workplace
IoT Sensor Layer
Workplace Technology Mobile App
Data Analytics
Smart Building System
Space Utilization

Achieving the WELL Performance Rating requires 21 out of 33 measurable, performance-based strategies from the WELL Building Standard across core focus areas:

Indoor Air Quality

Minimize risks associated with airborne contaminants and support individual thermal comfort preferences.

Water Quality

Enhance filtration and reduce water contaminants to encourage safer hydration.

Light Measurements

Optimize lighting environments for visual acuity and to minimize disruptions to natural circadian rhythms, helping to improve sleep, productivity and focus.

Acoustic Performance

Limit background noise and distractions to support employee productivity and engagement.

Environmental Monitoring

Determine how a building is performing in real time by analyzing sensor or onsite testing data.

Occupant Experience

Collect feedback on how people experience a space.

Brian Coogan, Digital Services Director, Ethos Engineering

"As the name suggests – The Living Lab – will continue to expand as we believe best-of-breed smart technologies like Spaceti, combined with domain expertise from Ethos (MEP, Sustainability, WELL and Digital) is one of the key answers for tackling todays’ problem and will prepare our buildings for the future"

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