Transform Your Space with Occupancy Analytics

Use real-time or long-term 24/7 occupancy analytics to flexibly manage your workplace. Access data about workspace, meeting room and room occupancy. Make your workspace ready for the new normal and retrofit your office into a hybrid workplace.

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Make Data-driven Decisions

Collect occupancy data and analyze how people use the office in different time periods.

Flexible Space Management

Change your office layout based on data and actively repurpose unoccupied spaces.

Keep Your Office Safe

Monitor office occupancy to maintain safe distances between people. Set up bookable spaces.

Trigger Alerts

Cut costs by using occupancy analytics to check which rooms were occupied and send an alert to the cleaning team.

Achieve a Quick ROI

Ration space usage as a cost-control measure and achieve an ROI within months.

Make Your Workplace Data-driven

24/7 space utilization reporting to make data-driven decisions
Meeting room, desk, floor occupancy analytics measurement
Digital real-time map with current occupancy data
Real-time maps
Long and short term occupancy trends across selected areas
Occupancy heat maps over various time periods

Occupancy Analytics Showcase

Take a look at our occupancy analytics demo and imagine how it could transform your space.

Dashboard Showcase

Take a look at a brief demo on how you can work with our dashboard.

Clients Testimonials

Martin Grønberg Myrold, Campus Manager at L'Oréal

"We are able to offer our employees improved workspaces that have been adapted to suit their individual and collective needs and ways of working while simultaneously allowing the workspaces to be flexibly and comfortably adjusted to organizational changes when needed. Implementing a data-driven workplace has increased flexibility, improved space efficiency by 15%, and offered a hundredfold ROI."

John Mitton, Chief Technology Officer at Red-Thread

"Red-Thread’s partnership with Spaceti reflects our commitment to democratize flexible workplace technology. Through mobile or desktop bookings, contract tracing, and occupancy analytics, workplace managers can easily implement and monitor a safe re-entry strategy while improving their employee’s experience. We’re excited to continue innovating together to ensure employee wellbeing at work."

Rasmus-Juul Nytholm, Managing Director at Cobblestone

"The Spaceti Environmental Analytics solution provides much more granular and transparent data as opposed to traditional BMS systems."

Start Working with Spaceti and Leverage Your Workplace

Cloud-based SaaS solution
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Data privacy compliant with GDPR
ISO27001 Compliance
24x7 monitoring and Service-Level Agreements
Enterprise ready and integrates with your favourite tools