L’Oréal’s Workplace Transformation

L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH built a new 10 000 m2 campus in Düsseldorf and wanted to create the best workplace concept for the organization and its employees.
L’Oréal’s Workplace Transformation

Project Challenges

Efficient Space Utilization

Increase space to allow more people to occupy the area and increase the existing 1-1 desk to employee ratio.

Departments’ Occupancy

Make space utilization more effective and monitor which departments need more space.

Productivity & Comfort

Increase employee productivity and happiness, and create an activity-based workplace.

Manual Counting

Replace manual counting with a precise digital tool and acquire exact day-to-day data.

Results of the Cooperation

L’Oréal actively collects data about workplace utilization, and thanks to that, they can flexibly make decisions about how to utilize space most effectively. Currently, L’Oréal collects and analyzes:
Desk Occupancy
Meeting Room Occupancy
Department Occupancy
Real-time Utilisation
Long-therm Utilization

Spaceti and L’Oréal partnership has led to:

15% increase of room utilization efficiency

Since implementing data-driven analytics, we have seen a 15% increase in the maximum room capacity.

Desk to employee ratio boost

Using data analytics has resulted in creating a customized desk to employee ratio between 0.6 to 0.8 for each department.

Increase in people’s comfort

20% of space is now dedicated to silent areas, focus areas, and collaborative zones.

300% ROI

ROI increased by 300% within three months of using Spaceti technology, which led to scaling.

Martin Grønberg Myrold, Campus Manager at L'Oréal

"We are able to offer our employees improved workspaces that have been adapted to suit their individual and collective needs and ways of working while simultaneously allowing the workspaces to be flexibly and comfortably adjusted to organizational changes when needed. Implementing a data-driven workplace has increased flexibility, improved space efficiency by 15%, and offered a hundredfold ROI."

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