L’Oréal’s Workplace Transformation

L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH built a new campus in Düsseldorf and wanted to create the best workplace concept for the organisation and its employees.


Space Efficiency Increase of 15%

Expectations & Project Specification

• About project: 10,000m2 building with 1000 desks and 1-1 desk to employee ratio.
• Make space utilization more effective and understand which departments need more space.
• Increase employee productivity and create an activity-based workplace.
• Replace manual counting with a precise digital tool and acquire exact data.

Why Spaceti

• An occupancy analytics tool for data-driven decision making.
• Ability to immediately install 1,000 wireless occupancy sensors on 10,000 m2 with no IT support.
• Innovation and scalability to add new functions in the future.

Results of the Cooperation

• 15% more employees can be fit in the same amount of space.
• 20% of space now dedicated to silent areas, focus areas, and collaborative zones to improve employee happiness and productivity.
• L’Oréal deemed the project a success and continues to scale the technology.
• 300% ROI on the project.
• Create a customized desk to employee ratio between 0.6 to 0.8 for each department using data analytics.