Do You Know How Well Your Space Is Utilised?

Oct. 30, 2019

Here is a direct question for building owners and operators: How well do you know the dynamics of your workplace or office? Did you know that it’s possible to administer the space using sensors and analytics? If you don’t, then download our business case that shows the benefits of a data-driven workspace. What does it bring you and your employees?

A Real-Time Overview & Hot Desking

Spaceti occupancy analytics help manage the current occupancy situation through real-time data, managing hot desks, optimising space, and handling meeting room bookings.

Long- & Short-Term Occupancy Analytics

The benefits of anonymised occupancy analytics can be viewed for any given period on multiple levels: the entire building, individual floors, rooms, or even chairs.

The Additional Benefits of Digitisation

Occupancy analytics facilitate performance improvements along with tangible cost savings. Additionally, companies can provide their employees with a genuine digital workplace experience.

So, are you are ready to make your workplace stand out? Download the Occupancy Analytics Business Case here and discover why you should start digitising your building right now!


Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová