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Spaceti’s system is made up of a set of modules that can be combined to tailor the solution to the client’s needs, saving owners and tenants building management costs while increasing productivity and people’s wellbeing.

Occupancy Analytics

Optimise Space Intelligently. Make Spaces Work for You.

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Do You Face These Challenges?

Unnecessary Costs

Firms don’t work with spaces correctly and according to their needs, which leads to sunk costs.

Ineffective Movement Analyses

Movement and occupancy is analysed by hand, which is costly and imprecise.

No Hot-Desking Tool

Firms with flexible seating encounter the problem that employees can’t find a workspace.

The Answer:

Spaceti Occupancy Analytics



Long- & Short-Term Occupancy Analytics

Analyse anonymised occupancy data throughout the building, in individual parts, or down to the level of meeting rooms and even individual chairs. View reports, charts, or heatmaps over various periods of time.

Real-Time Analytics & Hot Desking

View free chairs at any given moment according to individual floors or any set space. Use the mobile app or screens to find free chairs for you or your team, reserve the spaces, and navigate to them.

BMS Integration

Control your building effectively by connecting the Smart Stones to your BMS. Optimise your lights, heating, and ventilation according to current occupancy in individual parts of the building.


Up to 25%

Space utilization improvement based on current state of under-utilization or performance boost based on space over-utilization.

Up to 15%

Space savings based on current state
of under-utilization or performance boost
based on space over-utilization.

Up to 28%

Maximum potential building cost savings (rent, utilities, services, facility management) from utilizing existing space better rather than renting extra space.

Technology of the Future

Occupancy analytics use data from various Spaceti products. Further Spaceti modules can be added in the future.

Analytics Platform

Analyse and visualise the collected data and simply summarize it into regular reports.

Compare occupancy of selected parts of the building or individual rooms and chairs.

Compare the utilisation of different areas, departments, rooms, or chairs over time using anonymous data.

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Workplace App

View how various parts of the building, departments, sections, or even individual chairs are used through anonymous data.

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Occupancy Sensor (Room)

The Occupancy Sensor (Room) can immediately analyse whether the room is occupied or not.

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Occupancy Sensor (Chair)

The Occupancy Sensor (Room) knows whether a chair is occupied or vacant and reports the information to the server.

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Location Sensor

A supplementary system that helps find chairs and determines their exact location.

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