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New Feature Updates For Your Smart Building!

Sep. 8, 2022

We’re excited to share our new features with you! Below is an overview of what’s been added.

Space Equipment

Are you tired of dealing with space equipment inventory and allocation? We’ve got a new feature for you. The space equipment feature makes managing spaces and bookings easier than ever before by allowing workplace managers to assign their equipment to the correct space. It will give you greater configuration control over your workspaces and help you create a better booking experiences for users.

With this feature, users can create a booking based on their preferences and pre-select the equipment that they want to use. They can simply fill out their specific preferences about what type of space they want (e.g., big screen or small screen) and then choose from available spaces.

New Parameters to Analytics

We have added new parameters to the space analytics: sound level, PMI, tVOC, etc.

  • The sound parameter measures the sound intensity level in a certain area. It shows how loud or quiet is the environment in which you are working. It can also be used as a simple tool for measuring noise levels at different locations within your facility.
  • The PMI (Particle Mass Indicators). This parameter displays particle concentration levels for each type of particle in the air detected by sensors. It is important because it helps us to determine if there are harmful substances present in our work environment that can cause illness if inhaled by workers.
  • The tVOC parameter is measuring toxic vapors in an area. Toxic vapors can be dangerous for people who work in these environments because they contain chemicals that can cause adverse health effects such as headaches, nausea and fatigue among others.

Booking Timeline

Now you can see all space types in the timeline overview in one place, so you don’t have to flip back and forth between different spaces. You can also manage and create bookings based on the timeline. For example, if you want to book a conference room or meeting room at the beginning of the week, you can do that easily with this tool. It shows you the bookings on specific days and times within the calendar.

By having an overview, you can make changes accordingly as needed, such as increasing capacity in certain areas or adding new meeting rooms when they become available. Having all this information readily available keeps your costs down, increases flexibility, and helps reduce or eliminate extra unused meeting room costs.

Tablets Management

With the recent release of the Meeting Room App 2.0, we have created a new feature for you: Tablets management. This will help you keep track of the technical information and latest updates for your tablet devices, with the ability to deactivate your tablets manually.


We hope this makes your building experience even better! Want to have more information about new features?
Feel free to contact us!

Maria Boichenko