The Only App for Your Smart Workplace

Sep. 24, 2019

Providing a seamless digital workplace experience through mobile technologies has never been so simple and accessible. Introducing the Spaceti app, a major component of our data-driven smart building platform that helps building owners, facility managers, and users create a productive, efficient, and employee-centred workplace*.

What are the main functions and benefits the Spaceti app brings?

  • Building overview: Find important information about your workplace in one place
  • Indoor navigation and space booking (parking, meeting room, chair, etc.): Organise your day in the office, coordinate meetings, and find vacant spaces.
  • Access management and lockers: Enjoy faster and less-stressful access to buildings
  • Environmental controls: Control the environment to feel focused and productive
  • Community newsfeed: Organise cultural, sporting, and other events or let people know what’s going on in the area
  • Nearby places and special offers: See the best daily specials, menus, and offers
  • Building reporting system: Improve your building services through instant reports of problems or suggestion submissions

Watch our introduction now!

Interested in the benefits for building owners and facility managers? Learn more about the app for your smarter office.

* Spaceti offers customisation of the mobile app that helps increase adoption and user satisfaction.


Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová