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Spaceti and The Network Control Group Partner to Transform The UK Property Technology Market

Sep. 3, 2019

September 2019, London|Prague – Spaceti, named by MIPIM as the world’s number one property technology start-up of 2019, and London-based Network Control Group are proud to announce an exclusive strategic partnership in the UK property sector.

Spaceti has joined forces with Network Control Group (NCG) to market, install, and maintain smart office platforms and systems that will save time, make work more efficient, and increase employee wellbeing.

By combining the technical expertise of NCG with the cloud-based technology of Spaceti, this new partnership offers UK tenants, property managers, and developers access to plug-and-play IoT technologies, backed by an advanced analytics platform. This will enable them to precisely determine how their space is used, improve net operating income of their properties, retain tenants, to make data-driven decisions and so optimise costs – a high priority for many, particularly in London, where the annual rental prices of prime office properties exceeded £1,190 (1,300 Euros) per square metre in 2019, making the UK capital one of the most expensive in Europe.

It’s also appreciated by the people who work there, providing a better user experience, improved wellbeing, and higher talent retention rates. This can help to drive a change in culture, enabling companies to deliver on their goal to become a more agile and dynamic organisation, and so stay ahead of the competition.

NCG’s software as a service model means there is no big outlay up front, and no worries about upgrades – this will happen automatically. So you will always know that your software is up to date, fully licensed, and easily scalable when your organisation needs to expand.

Both companies are excited by the new partnership and what it could deliver in the UK. Spaceti has been active in the London property market since 2017, and now the company is keen to expand its reach in the capital. The NCG has extensive technical and commercial industry experience and recognises the huge potential of Spaceti’s technology.

“The market in the United Kingdom, especially London, has always been at the top of our expansion plans. We feel that now is the right time because of the growing demands to make the use of space more efficient and the subsequent cost savings it provides. When choosing the local partner, we saw how NCG has the right mix of property expertise, agility in delivery, and a shared DNA of innovation in addressing technology for buildings. Thanks to the partnership with the Network Control Group, we hope to deliver superior value and return on investment to a broader range of companies and accelerate the adoption of Spaceti solutions. We look forward to very fruitful cooperation with NCG,” said Spaceti CEO Max Verteletskyi.

“We’re experts at enterprise-level internet connectivity, and we know how to get the most from busy working environments, new and old. With the benefit of real-time data, our clients will be able to understand exactly how their buildings are being used – right now. Working with Spaceti, we can unlock the potential to get the most from your space, and to develop the smart, responsive environment you need, and your people deserve,” said Thomas Proctor, CEO, The Network Control Group.

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Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová