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Spaceti and Morphoza: Expanding Smart Building Solutions in Romania!

Sep. 14, 2022

Read the interview with our new partner Morphoza in Romania to learn more about their insights from the PropTech industry in their local market.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with  Morphoza, one of Romania’s most experienced office design companies. The company is based in Bucharest and specializes in creating beautiful and functional workspaces for its clients. Together, Spaceti and Morphoza will offer a full suite of workplace experience solutions on the Romanian market.

Mihai Chintbrauner, Head of Sales and Projects at Morphoza and Vasyl Bulyna, Chief Business Officer at Spaceti.


We recently caught up with the Morphoza team to learn more about their insights from the PropTech industry in their local market. We talked with Mihai Chintbrauner, Head of Sales and Projects at Morphoza, who shared his thoughts with us in our short interview below!

Read along with us:


Mihai, could you please introduce your company to our readers?

Morphoza is an office design, build and furnish company, delivering client engagement through tailor-made creative turn-key projects. With over 18 years of experience and over 80 specialists, we deliver complete solutions to our clients from Romania and Europe.

Recently Morphoza has become a founding member of Studio Alliance. What is the significance of being a part of Europe’s workplace alliance?

The opportunity to exchange experiences between leading companies from all over Europe, with hundreds of experts in workspace solutions on board, provides our clients with the best possible outcome. The know-how and access to all our combined experiences in different markets is most definitely a game changer, improving all our companies’ services. We are shaping the trends and solutions for the office spaces of tomorrow by combining this know-how with Studio Alliance’s vision.

What are the major trends you see in workplace transformation?

The workplace has always been the most innovative and fast-changing environment, but the global challenges we’ve faced in recent years have accelerated trends in design and reshaped the spaces with consideration for safety, well-being, and sustainability.

Now more than ever, companies are turning to a hybrid work model with flexible collaboration areas, a cozier environment, and well-integrated technologies to attract and retain employees.

What triggered you to partner with Spaceti?

Digital transformation is no longer an exclusive privilege, it’s a necessity for all offices. We partnered with Spaceti to provide our local market with the complete solution for digital transformation.

We believe that proven Spaceti’s expertise, combined with flexibility and adaptability, is the key to a successful collaboration between our companies and will help us provide seamless experiences for both our existing and future clients.

What are your thoughts on the future of PropTech in Romania?

PropTech adoption will accelerate in the future, as it’s already passed the phase of nice-to-have. The possibilities and creativity already developed will change the perspective of the real estate market and services.

An improvement in data collection and analytics will be necessary to align with international efforts to improve sustainability and security. PropTech solutions will be increasingly important in order to change and improve property management, which can only be achieved through an understanding of current practices and how they can be adapted to sustain changes and innovations.


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