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Prague Startup Market Has the City’s Smartest Chairs

Jan. 11, 2018

The Prague Startup Market (PSM) incubator, which recently opened its second location, became the first European innovation hub that uses analytics from smart chairs equipped with Spaceti’s IoT technology. The system automatically displays the number of occupants at your event and tells you when they got up and left.

Prague Startup Market Has the City’s Smartest Chairs

Czech startup Spaceti equipped 100 chairs in the facility with their Smart Stones that include sensors that detect movement and can determine whether the chair is occupied or vacant. Installation is simple and using double-sided mounting tape on the underside of the seat means there is zero effect on comfort, design, or stability. The Stone’s battery can last nearly two years.

“Organizers at the Prague Startup Market get important insight using our equipment that helps them evaluate the success of the event using an easy-to-use web-based framework,” Spaceti CTO Ondřej Plevka said.

“The data collected from smart chairs helps our clients acquire details about their event that will allow them to improve their services in the future,” Prague Startup Centre Executive Director Michal Zálešák said.

With this installation, Spaceti, a firm that focuses on digitizing buildings and workspaces, is following up on a successful pilot program launched in the incubator in October 2017.

The article was originally published in Czech in www.roklen24.cz.

Do Thu Trang
Do Thu Trang
Communications & PR