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DEKOM AG and Spaceti Partner to Digitise Buildings in Germany

Oct. 25, 2019

The aim of the new strategic alliance between German-based DEKOM AG and Spaceti is to offer current and future DEKOM customers an innovative business system that enables companies to improve the employee experience and productivity while reducing costs.

Spaceti provides an integrated solution that covers all property digitalisation needs, including a workplace app, occupancy and environmental analytics, space controls, smart parking, and indoor navigation.

Harnessing a network of sensors, Spaceti’s solution improves the working environment by analysing a variety of data collected. With the results in hand, management has a powerful tool to help make strategic fact-based decisions about the workplace. By observing the use of the building and making adjustments accordingly, managers experience an improvement in space utilisation of up to 22% resulting in a 17%* reduction in building costs. Additionally, using data to adjust the work environment can lead to increases in employee productivity of as much as 5%**.

DEKOM is an experienced partner with a thorough knowledge of the German market and offers a whole portfolio of digital communication tools that help companies of all sizes and from all sectors to decrease costs, work more productively, and to generate real added value. 

“For the past year, we have taken a step-by-step approach by starting with DEKOM as our installation partner. That provided them first-hand experience with Spaceti’s technologies and helped us validate their excellent customer service capabilities with our valued German customers. Now we have matured this relationship into a full-fledged partnership where we see massive synergies through DEKOM providing our offering to its existing portfolio of customers, as well as jointly proposing our solutions to new customers,” Spaceti CEO Max Verteletskyi said.

 “An important current trend is intelligent building optimisation, especially in terms of occupancy of seats and rooms, as well as the creation of healthy and comfortable working environments, meaning temperature, CO2, humidity, etc.,” said Jörg Weisflog, CEO of DEKOM AG. “With Spaceti, we have gained a partner who is a specialist in this sector. Spaceti’s solutions cover all the above-mentioned features of modern building management. The company’s products reduce costs, create transparency and flexibility, and increase employee satisfaction. We are pleased to add Spaceti to our portfolio and to be able to demonstrate it to our customers online or in our demo environment in Hamburg.”

Acquiring a strategic German partner is consistent with Spaceti’s business strategy. At the same time, DEKOM plans to expand the services it provides to its clients and enter the world of property technologies.

*Internal calculation (Target Occ. Rate – Peak Avg. Occ. Rate) using Optimaze 2018 Workplace Report
**Environment – “Effects of indoor environment on performance”, David P. Wyon and Pawel Wargocki, ASHRAE Journal, March 2013, pp 46-50
Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová