Spaceti & Webex

Spaceti joins the Webex Ecosystem by integrating Spaceti products to the Webex App Hub. Now Spaceti can connect to the Webex devices installed in your building and collect various parameters such as occupancy, people counting, air quality, noise, light, and more! Leverage your existing Webex infrastructure to monitor the environment in real-time, analyze your office occupancy and create a data-driven building!

Add to Webex

Flexible Working Environment

Implement a hybrid workplace environment with the Spaceti Building App to enable actively space booking and the community newsfeed.

Accurate Workplace Occupancy

Collect and analyse workplace occupancy to the granularity of meeting rooms or each desk. Leverage data and make data-driven decisions regarding space layouts.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Obtain a detailed report about CO2, temperature, and humidity levels. Leverage data to make immediate decisions to create a safe workplace.

Create a Futerproof Workplace

24/7 space utilization reporting to make data-driven decisions
Active measurement of humidity, CO2, temperature
Real time overview & long-term analytics
Flexible desk, meeting room, or parking space booking
Shared resource management (restaurants, gyms, parking spaces)

Start Working with Spaceti and Leverage Webex Devices

Cloud-based SaaS solution
Installation completed within hours
Data privacy compliant with GDPR
Overview of connected spaces
24x7 monitoring and Service-Level Agreements