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Introducing Our New Booking Analytics Module: Unlock Your Space Utilization Insights

Feb. 22, 2024

Discover how our new Booking Analytics feature can change the way you manage workspaces, parking spots, and meeting rooms, offering deeper insights and optimization like never before.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Booking Analytics feature, a game-changing addition to our platform designed to revolutionize how you analyze reservations for Workspaces, Parking Spots, and Meeting Rooms. This feature aims to transform your understanding of utilization rates and optimize the booking process. With our new module, you gain immediate access to a comprehensive overview of your current and historical booking data, empowering you with actionable insights to optimize your space usage.

Spaceti New Booking Analytics Module

The Power of Booking Analytics

Booking analytics is centered on the reservation and scheduling aspects of spaces. It analyzes data related to the booking of spaces, such as meeting rooms, workspaces, and parking spots, over time. The aim is to gain insights into how effectively spaces are being reserved and utilized, identify trends in booking behavior, and uncover opportunities to improve the booking process and space allocation. This analytics draws on data from reservation systems, scheduling software, and any platform used to book spaces in advance. Booking analytics is valuable for optimizing the booking process, reducing no-shows and cancellations, ensuring that space allocation aligns with demand, and enhancing overall operational efficiency by adjusting resources according to booking trends.

Key Features of Booking Analytics:

  • Granular Data Analysis: Tailor your data view to match your needs with flexible granularity options. Whether you’re looking at hours, days, weeks, months, or years, our module provides the precise level of detail you require.
  • Space-Time Filtering: Dive deep into your data by filtering reservations based on specific periods, floors, or both. This targeted analysis allows for efficient planning and management of your spaces.
  • Utilization Metrics: Understand the full extent of how your spaces are being used with our Utilization metric. For instance, if a space is booked for 30 minutes within an hour, it reflects a 50% booking utilization, offering clear insights into space efficiency.
  • Hourly Occupancy Metrics: Discover the booking intensity of your spaces with the Hourly Occupancy metric. For example, if one out of five spaces in a group is booked for just 15 minutes, it signifies a 20% booking hourly occupancy, providing a snapshot of space demand.

We’re excited for you to experience the benefits of this powerful new feature. Get ready to transform your approach to space utilization and booking management with our Booking Analytics module.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo with us now to see the benefits in action!

Maria Boichenko