How do we use the Spaceti Solution at the Spaceti HQ?

Jun. 21, 2021

A short interview with Tomáš Barták, now in charge of operations. 


Tomáš is one of Spaceti’s co-founders and has been with the company from the very beginning and is now in charge of operations. Tomáš not only had a hand in developing the product but has seen the impact the product has had on people at Spaceti Headquarters. Currently, he says that Spaceti employees use the Space Management Platform in two primary ways.  

Primarily the Space Management Platform functions as a tool for making people’s lives easier as Spaceti employees make use of the booking features and environmental analytics  on a daily basis. With the lack of available parking spaces, the addition of the parking booking feature has radically transformed people’s experiences commuting to work. A monthly cap on the number of days a person can reserve parking for has been introduced and parking remains the most widely used feature.

Similarly, although the office is on the smaller end, environmental analytics have had a huge impact as Tomáš recounted that through continuous monitoring, they were able to approach the manager of the building with quantitative data that supported their claim that the air quality in the building was subpar and must be addressed.  

In addition, Tomáš described that the Space Management Platform is also used for testing. Developers can easily test new features and user experience through the app and tablet, and gain immediate feedback from their colleagues. Through this continuous testing process, they are able to ensure a high level of quality before their product even reaches the market. 

Lastly, we measure our occupancy using  CISCO sensors to access data about our workspace, meeting rooms and room occupancy. By actively analysing our occupancy data we were able to adjust the office layout based and actively repurpose unoccupied spaces. This has lead Spaceti to function as a true co-working facility, one of the most unique aspects yet. With numerous employees preferring to routinely work from home, coming to the office temporarily for meetings, Spaceti has flexibly remodeled its office to allow external people to work on its premises and on board them very quickly, with space for immediate usage. The Spaceti app and system are designed in a way that allows the manager to give them access into the application easier than through similar systems such as Outlook and allow them to access all the booking features available in the office and provide all necessary information. 

 If you are interested in working with us or the possibility of leasing our co-working space please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” form, which you can find by clicking here. 

Cate Lytle