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Spaceti added Ubiqisense Sensors to its product portfolio!

Apr. 22, 2021

Spaceti is bringing you even more product integrations.

Introducing the new Ubiqisense Sensor

Spaceti just added a new sensor to its already substantial portfolio. UbiqiSense IoT sensors observe and monitor employee behavior in offices. All devices are equipped with intelligent motion sensing and remote configuration capabilities. By means of a visual sensor and artificial intelligence, data is processed by the embedded computer vision algorithm and only meta-data is transmitted from the device. Images are never stored or transmitted by any sensor. 

“It is great to finally share that UbiqiSense occupancy and people count sensors are integrated into Spaceti Space Management platform. We are on a mission to help customers utilize their buildings best and smart, by providing granular data insights of employee behavior in offices, space floors, meeting rooms and even down to single desks. The sensors count, detect and track people anonymously feeding the data into the Spaceti platform. This makes the integration a true win-win for enterprise customers who are on the journey of making the work life of their employees easy and frictionless,” Raziel Bareket, Chief Commercial Officer.

UBIcapture is an all-in-one sensor which:

  • Detects and counts people.
  • Locates positions of people.
  • Tracks movement.
  • Detects whether people are standing or sitting.


Cate Lytle