Day in the Smart Office with Spaceti

Jun. 30, 2022

Imagine working in a Smart Office. No struggle finding a meeting room for a call with your client; no stress running late because you couldn’t find a parking lot. Just a smooth way to your desk plus special offers from neighborhood businesses and much more. Utopia? No, Spaceti. 


Find the right spot for yourself and your car

Mornings can be chaotic. With the right technology, however, you can organize your day while sipping your first coffee and getting kids ready for school.  

  Book a parking lot in the company garage.

 Find where your team is hot-desking today. 

 Book a desk next to them. 

 Book a meeting room to get that presentation done. 

 Grab a coffee (and kids!) and head to the office. 

It is that easy. Everything you need to get more peace in your work days is at your fingertips and in real-time. Say goodbye to double booking and running all over the floor to get a phone booth.


Day in office with Spaceti


A healthy workplace starts at the door

We all remember why hybrid workplaces and remote work became the real thing for the masses. That’s why touchless access to offices is becoming a new standard. Discover the comfort of unlocking the door or your locker without keys. Plus, share confidential documents with your colleagues by granting them access to your locker even when on vacation. The possibilities are endless. 

The Spaceti Building App also monitors air quality on the premises and occupancy, so you can have fewer reasons to worry about returning to the office and a few more to see your colleagues.  

Your facility managers benefit from the data you provide them about occupancy, space usage, etc. They can also quickly implement new measures like limiting available desks or dedicating areas to external visitors, the company only, etc. 

Want to know how Spaceti can help facility and property managers to transform the workplace? Read here!


Let them in. Securely

If you are using digital technology to enter your office building, why not your guests? The virtual reception is an easy and secure way to let your clients in. The invitation process stays the same – send an e-mail from the calendar, as you always do. The rest is on the system. It will send your visitors a unique QR code to enter the premises. Once scanned, you’ll get a notification your guests are here.  


Put your finger on it

The work is not just about getting tasks off your to-do list. It’s also about all the vivacity in the building and around it. How about if you could know what is going on on other floors or get special lunch menu offers from the neighboring café? With Spaceti app, you can put your finger on all news in the building. Literally. Whether communicating with other people or your facility managers, getting the latest information and announcements about life inside your building has never been easier.  


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Day in smart office with Spaceti

Maria Boichenko