Touchless Control

Provide a Touchless

Use Spaceti touchless controls to allow people
to safely and flexibly return to the office.
Prioritize your people’s safety by allowing
them to interact with their work environment
through the Building App.


Prioritize Safety and Comfort

One Platform

One Platform

Access entry to your building, call an elevator, and manage your lockers all through a single app.



Access your entire workplace from the palm of your hand using the Building App.



Build trust with your people by prioritizing their health and safety by implementing a touchless workplace.

Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace
Access Management

Access Your Building Easily

  • Access the building and meeting rooms easily using your phone.
  • Monitor and analyze all entry to the building using the dashboard.
  • Manage entry access: flexibly give or remove access.
Elevator Control

Need to Call an Elevator?

  • Use touchless controls to call elevators and select the desired floor.
  • Build trust with your people by offering them a safe and touchless way to move about the building.
  • Improve employee satisfaction.
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace
Smart Lockers – For People

Enjoy Touchless Control.

  • Use lockers to safely share documents or equipment with your co-workers. 
  • Claim a locker, open and close it with just one click using the Building App.  
  • Share lockers with co-workers anytime. 
Smart Lockers – For Office Managers 

Manage Locker Demand From One Place.

  • Be prepared for high demand and proactively manage lockers.  
  • Divide people into groups and evaluate data across various time periods.  
  • Generate a report for a range of users or a single user in selected periods.  
  • Use locker reports as a foundation for payrolls.
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace


Data-driven workplace transformation from fixed to flexible at the corporate HQ in Germany.

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