Imagine Your Day
with Spaceti


Workplace App

Imagine Making One Decision Less

  • How will you secure a healthy environment for your people?
  • Using the Spaceti dashboard
    you can manage your workplace using occupancy analytics.
  • Use Spaceti and never let
    your employees worry about their health.
Smart Parking

Imagine You Can Drive To Work

  • With Spaceti, booking your parking will never have been easier.
  • Once you’ve selected the time frame the app will show
    you all the available parking spots.
  • With one click, your morning routine just became a little more enjoyable.
Air Quality Management

Imagine Having Control Over the Air Your Breathe

  • What are your health hacks?
    Ours is Spaceti.
  • Simply adjust the temperature
    and humidity on the Spaceti dashboard.
  • It’s the simplest hack we know.