Spaceti’s system is made up of a set of modules that can be combined to tailor the solution to the client’s needs, saving owners and tenants building management costs while increasing productivity and people’s wellbeing.

Smart Parking

Make Your Parking Lot More Efficient and Painless.

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Do You Face These Challenges?

Unknown Usage of Parking Lots

Companies often don't know the utilisation of their parking spaces. Therefore, they are not able to tell if they have too many lots or need more.

Parking in Unauthorised Spaces

People often park in places where they shouldn’t, forcing others to also use unauthorised spaces.

Unnecessary Building Alterations

Firms often use parking systems powered by electricity that are inefficient, expensive, and demand structural alterations to the building or battery-powered sensors with short lifespans.

The Answer:

Spaceti Smart Parking



Long- & Short-Term Parking Analytics

See the occupancy of your parking lot and analyse individual floors according to user-defined time periods.

Predictive Analytics

See how each parking space was used to predict the future. Only use the number of spaces you actually need.

Workplace App

Use a simple mobile app to reserve your parking space according to current occupancy. .


Save Costs

Conserve resources for unused spaces and implement automated parking.

Save Time & Increase Satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction with the parking experience. Save them time spent searching for an empty space.

New Revenue Streams

Rent unnecessary spaces to other companies or for external use.

Technology of the Future

Smart Parking by Spaceti is a revolutionary system that uses wireless sensors and can be quickly installed and brought online.

Analytics Platform

Analyse and visualise the collected data and simply summarize it into regular reports.

Transfer data from the analytics platform to third-party business intelligence systems.

Compare occupancy of selected parts of the building or individual rooms and chairs. Set the analytics for various periods.

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Mobile App

Reserve a parking space according to current occupancy or navigate to a vacant space upon your arrival.

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Parking Gem

The Parking Gem recognises whether a car is parked above it.

The device is battery-powered (10-year lifespan) and its installation doesn’t require any alterations to the building.

The Parking Gem is a robust device that can withstand industrial cleaning processes.

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