Occupancy Analytics & People Counting

Transform Your Space
to the New Normal!

Use real-time or long-term 24/7 occupancy analytics
to flexibly manage your workplace.  Access data
about workspace,  meeting room and room occupancy.
Make the workspace ready for
the new normal and retrofit your office into
a hybrid workplace.



Take Your Workplace to the Next Level

Quick Savings

Quick Savings

Ration space usage as a cost-control measure and achieve an ROI within months.

Flexible Space Management

Flexible Space Management

Change your office layout based on data and actively repurpose unoccupied spaces.

Alert Trigger

Alert Trigger

Cut costs by using occupancy analytics to check which rooms were occupied and send an alert to the cleaning team.

Occupancy Analytics

Every Workspace Counts

  • Analyze anonymized occupancy data about your workplace, meeting rooms, common spaces, and parking spots.
  • Get a current overview of your building’s occupancy or browse data from selected periods.
  • Export charts and reports for different periods into standard formats (csv, xls).
People Counting

Every Person Counts

  • Count the number of people in a specific area – sitting and standing using anonymous data.
  • Send service alerts via SMS, e-mail, MS Team, or use additional channels like ServiceNow or ServiceDesk.
  • Use a unique all in one sensor.
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace


Data-driven workplace transformation from fixed to flexible at the corporate HQ in Germany.

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