Integrated Workplace Management System

Redesign Your Office
to Suit Your Needs

Using our integrated workplace management system your facility manager can design or adjust your workspace according to your current needs.

Your Challenges

Tired of Manually Drawing Out Your Workplace?

Outgrowing Workplace Boundaries?

Outgrowing Workplace Boundaries?

What if part of your department frequently collaborates with a different department? 

Hoping to understand your people better?

Hoping to understand your people better?

Collect environmental data for each workplace.

Adjusting Your Social Distancing Measures?

Adjusting Your Social Distancing Measures?

Flexibly redesign your workspace to fit your current needs.

Digital Space Manager and Rule Setting

Digitize Your Office

  • Our space management system provides an intuitive and flexible way to manage the workplace and set different rules.
  • Create new workspaces
    as necessary.
  • Make a workspace bookable.
  • Select all the workplaces, even if they are on different floors, and make them into a group.
Custom Office Design

Collect Data In One Place

  • Allocate environment sensors
    to each workspace and analyze
    the data about an individual workspace.
  • Analyze booking patterns for each workspace to get a sense of what kind of employee utilizes particular spaces.
  • Analyze the occupancy and long term trends of a particular group or department.
  • Export charts and reports
    for different periods into standard formats (csv, xls).
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Data-driven analytics will help you improve wellbeing
and increase productivity
in the workspace

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