Air Quality

Make Your Workplace
Data-Driven & Healthy

Analyse data about CO2, humidity, and temperature
levels in any room to reduce the spread of contagions.
Increase people’s productivity by offering them
an environment where they can breathe healthier air.

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Take Your Workplace to the Next Level

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Use data analytics to improve the air quality in your space and increase your people's productivity.

Better Conditions

Better Conditions

Increase your people's wellbeing in the building by leveraging data on air quality, humidity, and temperature.

Minimize Spread of Contagions

Minimize Spread of Contagions

Monitor temperature and humidity in your workspace to minimize the spread of contagions.

Environmental Analytics

Provide a Sustainable Work Environment

  • Obtain a detailed report about CO2, temperature, and humidity levels to create the most productive work environment.
  • Have an overview at the building level all the way down to individual chairs filterable for different time periods.
  • Export charts and reports for different periods into standard formats (csv, xls).
  • Send service alerts via SMS, e-mail, MS Team, or use additional channels like ServiceNow or ServiceDesk.
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace
Air Quality

Offer Superior Indoor Air Quality

  • Use Spaceti’s Environmental Analytics to maintain indoor relative humidity levels above 40% to reduce the spread of airborne infections.
  • Set the ideal temperature to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other contagions.
  • Reduce CO2 levels and assure proper ventilation to create a healthier and increase workplace productivity.

Cobblestone Improved Indoor Air Quality Using Spaceti

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