Castellum Provides Exceptional Conditions in its Building Portfolio

Castellum is a Swedish developer with an extensive portfolio of buildings across Sweden with a vision to develop the best possible locations for its customers and ensure their long-term satisfaction.
Castellum Provides Exceptional Conditions in its Building Portfolio

Project Challenges

Space Efficiency

Make data-driven decisions about space usage and change building indoor layouts based on data.

Healthy Environment

Provide exceptional environmental conditions across the entire Castellum building portfolio.

Portfolio Monitoring

Use one tool to monitor environmental and occupancy conditions across their whole portfolio.

Results of the Cooperation

Castellum implemented occupancy and environmental analytics using Spaceti sensors within their entire building portfolio.
Workstation Utilization
Real-time Utilisation
Long-term Utilization
CO2 Monitoring
Humidity Measurement
Temperature Check

Cooperation between Spaceti and Cobblestone has led to:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Transformed Castellum’s portfolio into high-performing assets that are cheaper to operate.

Data-Driven Decisions

Have a precise overview of the usage of workspaces in order to modify the space and ensure that it’s being used effectively.

Continuous Air Quality Monitoring

Make buildings more pleasant for tenants and hold premium building standards.

Malin Engelbrecht, Strategic Project Manager at Castellum

"We think that Spaceti has an interesting solution that uses sensors that have the possibility to both visualize and analyze the data"

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