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Ysmart: Our New Partner!

Oct. 18, 2021

Introducing Ysmart!

We are excited to share news of our new partnership with Ysmart, our new Dutch partner, who will help us connect people with their buildings and homes using smart technology! 


Ysmart believes that the world is becoming smarter, or, well, the devices around us. We create connections between installations and generate data for our customers to get the most out of every building. Hybrid working is and will be more important in the future. Our mission is to improve well-being of both people and the planet using knowledge and smart solutions.


Frans Konings, Founder and co-owner of Ysmart remarked that “We are delighted to be the preferred partner to represent Spaceti in the Benelux. Our joint knowledge about Building Management Systems and the Internet of Things is the smart key to create the best hybrid workplaces. This will enable to predict and manage the usage and maintenance of buildings in the Benelux more effectively than ever before. Connected by passion!” 


Max Verteletskyi, Co-founder & CEO of Spaceti remarked, “The Dutch market is extremely important for the growth strategy of our company. Spaceti and Ysmart have Smart Workplace and Sustainability as the core of their agenda. We see in Ysmart a team with great industry expertize, professional and personal values.”

Jorge Gutiérrez, Technical Sales Executive of Spaceti remarked, “This partnership is 100% compatible in technology, services but mostly, in mentality. I do believe that more partnerships like this one are needed in the industry to prove that a common agenda is a synergy path from where customers, suppliers, researchers, and end-user’s benefit. Welcome Ysmart!” 

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Cate Lytle