Understand Your Building Better with the Analytics 2.0!

Feb. 24, 2020

Let us introduce to you the updated Workplace Analytics 2.0 which gives you a general overview of your workplace’s efficiency. Here’s a quick look at our new Dashboard with updated features Occupancy and Environmental Analytics.

What is happening in your building right now?

The Dashboard provides a quick overview of current building occupancy and environmental statistics. You can also browse through a detailed view of Workplaces, Meeting Rooms, Parking, and Common Spaces.

Is your workplace used efficiently?

Occupancy Analytics is the perfect tool to see how your workplace is used throughout any selected period. Discover the most and least used workspaces, meeting rooms, departments, or floors in order to make decisions that positively affect your people.


How do people feel in your office?

Using Environmental Analytics, you have immediate access to environmental statistics in different parts of your building. Our team created the Environment Index which tells you what your employee’s working conditions are; the higher the number, the more productive the workplace.

Get ready and start understanding your building better now!
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Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová