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Check-in to Your Workspace Using a QR-Code!

Aug. 9, 2021

Check in to your workstation using the Spaceti Workplace App!

Prioritise your people’s health and safety by allowing them to check in easily through the Workplace App. Through this entirely digital, and simple process, you can prevent ghost bookings by allowing your people to check-in to using an on site QR code.

What is the QR Check-In?

The QR is a new add-on to the current existing check-in feature. This feature helps prevent ghost bookings because it does not allow users from being able to complete a check-in through the phone app without being physically present in the space or meeting room. Once the user is physically in their reserved space, they can scan the QR code to complete the check-in and ensure that the space is allotted to them for their reserved time. If a person does not complete the mandatory QR check-in during the allotted check-in time, the booking will automatically be cancelled and the room will become available.

How do you set it up?

All the relevant information for setting up the QR check-in is on the Spaceti dashboard. Under the “application” section on your dashboard click on “Bookings” then “Settings.” There you can select if users need to check-in at all, and if they need to use the QR code to check in. The QR code check-in can be applied to every space: workstations, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and common rooms.



Cate Lytle