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New Partnership with LIKO-S

Apr. 12, 2021

LIKO-S: The innovative company bringing you green walls and interactive partitions!

The Future of Hybrid Workspaces

Spaceti partnered with LIKO-S to create offices suitable for a hybrid workplace. Especially in these times, thanks to this partnership, companies can receive a unique tool that will enable them to change their space according to their current needs. This results in healthier, more flexible workplaces.

“The demand for office space transformations is growing exponentially. We view the main synergy of our partnership to lie in Spaceti’s data analytics and the subsequent changes implemented in offices which are overseen by LIKO-S. We have been in contact with LIKO-S for numerous years now and we value their core family values, and we are looking for a long-term partnership with them,” said Max Verteletskyi, Co-Founder and CEO of Spaceti.

Companies have a long-term interest in creating an ergonomic workplace that will be effective and safe. This is the foundation for people’s comfort and satisfaction. The kinds of expectations will now, thanks to this partnership, be elevated to an entirely new level. Office spaces are rapidly transforming, spaces are shrinking and increasing periodically, and simple coworking spaces have their limits. It is pertinent that we adapt to these new expectations.

“The digitization and optimization of space using LIKO-S and Spaceti combine the needs of the employees working from home, or from the office, with those oscillating between the two. Thanks to our experiences in creating the best workplaces for some of the biggest companies worldwide, we can react very quickly to our client’s needs. Our clients desire flexible spaces, quality acoustics, healthy air quality, and a good connection with the outside world. Movable walls, acoustic materials, indoor living walls, and our technology-driven interactive partitions that are perfect for video calls, work to create their desired spaces,” explains Jan Musil, chairman of the board and CEO of LIKO-S.

Thanks to Spaceti’s wireless technology, people who come to work will be able to book their desk, meeting room, or parking place in advance or in real-time, along with information about the current occupancy and environment. They can book all those features directly through their phones.

The aforementioned solutions from LIKO-S can create a healthy environment, including a complete overhaul of space within minutes thanks to LIKO-Space movable walls and modular interactive partition systems. Completely touchless walls and panels SMART-i-WALL with state-of-the-art videoconference technology can change any office into a futuristic center that knows no bounds. We consider the acoustic optimization of such environments essential.

Thanks to these tools, our corporate clients and landlords can gain an overview of their current usage of spaces, individual desks, meeting rooms, and even parking lots. They will be able to react to their clients and people’s needs within the parameters of a hybrid workplace with more agility.

LIKO-S is a family-run production and manufacturing company that is fueled with an innovative spirit. As the first in Europe, it began manufacturing the interior partitions, built the first living hall in the world, and invented the first interactive partitions. Moreover, they make workplaces more comfortable through the addition of living walls and acoustic panels made from recycled PET bottles.

The technology company Spaceti came with a solution that nurtures productivity, health, and wellbeing of people in offices. The solution comprises software that analyzes indoor occupancy and the environment, while the phone app designed for people and minimalist IoT sensors ensure that people continue breathing healthy air.


Cate Lytle