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New Feature! Google Workspace Integration

Oct. 15, 2021

We have great news for our corporate customers using Google Workplace!

We would love to introduce one of our latest features to you: Google Single Sign-On and Google Calendar Integration!

What are the benefits of using Single Sign-On?
By using SSO, users do not actually have to “register” and create a Spaceti account. There is no need to enter the email address again and again, nor do they have to remember another password. Just click the “Sign in with Google” button and you’re good to go.
To learn more about the benefits of using SSOs click here.



Google Calendar Integration
Spaceti Bookings is already very powerful tool for managing your meeting rooms, but we have made it even better with the latest update featuring a Google Calendar Integration. This integration means that all your reservations are synced between Spaceti and Google Calendar. For example, when you create a reservation for a meeting room using the Spaceti Workplace App, we create an event in the meeting room’s calendar. When you create a reservation for a meeting room in Google Calendar, we create the same event in the Spaceti Workplace App. We also sync all your attendees, so if you create an event in Google Calendar, all attendees (who are also registered through Spaceti) will see this meeting on their My Bookings screen. Check-in works perfectly with Google Calendar Integration as well. If check-in is not completed for an event, we free the meeting room and make it available for others. To improve the user experience you can also use the Spaceti Meeting room tablet application, so users in your office have a way of knowing the occupancy status of the meeting rooms (and also have the ability to book them) without even opening the Spaceti application.

Google Cloud Directory Sync
The Google Cloud Directory Sync feature brings user management to the next level, so you don’t need to worry about user management anymore. It’s just impossible to manage hundreds of users across all services the company uses. You can now manage users in your Cloud Directory, and see those changes would be applied to Spaceti as well. We also sync user groups, so your users would be stored in appropriate groups at Spaceti. It is possible to set rules and specifications for specific groups (departments) allowing them to book meeting rooms and desks only within specific parameters, for example, floors.







Cate Lytle