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Spaceti in a new partnership with DEAS Group to strengthen Nordics presence

Aug. 25, 2022

Spaceti, a leading player in PropTech, continues to strengthen Nordics presence via the partnership with DEAS Group, an end-to-end asset and property management services provider.

Thoroughly invested in the workplace of the future DEAS Group’s most recent digital partnership with first mover Spaceti represents a courageous next step that arose naturally based on the various digital partnerships DEAS has entered over the past year.

The international PropTech company Spaceti provides services and products that improve the daily customer and office experience by combining insights into property data, user data and interaction data. Their approach helps investors make data-based decisions on the use of property while ensuring an improved customer experience for both tenants and guests, providing a better, more flexible work life with less hassle.

”The goal is to create a platform, an office as a service, that increases the transparency and usability of properties for both clients and investors. We will make offices even more attractive to meet the growing need for digital solutions that create value for the individual user of the property. This alliance gives us the opportunity to offer our clients and investors new services and products that improve the use and experience of the properties we’re responsible for,” explains DEAS Group CEO Rikke Lykke.

Present in more than 20 countries, Spaceti is already used by over 200 workplaces in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

After entering this partnership, Spaceti is now DEAS Group’s preferred partner in the Nordics. As a result, both parties are initiating a close collaboration that will benefit both the users and owners of properties.

From specific user-oriented features to unique insights

Spaceti has a wide range of services that include parking booking and management, meeting booking and digital receptionists to welcome guests. Moreover, with Spaceti, sensor data can be used to improve a property’s energy efficiency and indoor environment.

”Combining insights into property data, user data and interaction data transforms the way we integrate new technologies, giving investors the opportunity to make data-driven decisions about how to best utilise property,” states Max Verteletskyi, CEO and Co-founder of Spaceti.

DEAS Group and Spaceti have committed to an ongoing collaboration to develop even more digital solutions to optimise the operation and efficiency of commercial properties.


Powerful partnership will impact the real estate market

The way we use offices has changed significantly in recent years, placing heavy demands on both investors and tenants when incorporating complex technologies into properties.

”Our partnership with Spaceti gives tenants and investors unique insights that ensure the incorporation. We believe that the platform will have a major impact on the real estate market and that we have a responsibility to lead the transformation,” asserts Nadim Stub, Group Vice President, Ventures & Partnerships, DEAS.

DEAS Group has already begun preliminary talks with some of its investors about the many opportunities that the strategic partnership with Spaceti will provide. Spaceti will be an active part of DEAS Group’s service concept, where the platform can be purchased for offices, just as DEAS will provide ongoing service by agreement.

Spaceti will become an integral part of the office management platform Good Monday, which DEAS Group acquired in March 2022.

DEAS Group has also entered collaborations with Yavica, NORNORM and WiredScore within the last year, which means the new partnership with Spaceti expands DEAS Group’s digital product catalogue even further.


About Spaceti:

Since its establishment in 2016, Spaceti Holding B.V. has produced innovative enterprise software and IoT systems for commercial real estate. Together, they comprise an integrated turnkey solution that digitizes indoor environments, makes commercial offices interactive, and optimizes their efficiency and operation.

About DEAS Group:

DEAS Group (DEAS Holding A/S) is a Nordic end-to-end strategic partner covering the entire real estate value chain in the main real estate sectors.
DEAS Group acts as a partner to national and international investors across the Nordics as well as other stakeholders under two separate brands: DEAS Asset Management A/S and DEAS A/S, both wholly owned companies in the DEAS Group.
With basis in 3 overall focal points ‘Stakeholder Management’, ‘Social Impact’ and ‘Innovation’ a dedicated team of more than 900 real estate professionals with a deep local market expertise provides consultancy and traditional real estate management services such as transaction advisory and asset management as well as development, technical building consultancy, climate and sustainability consultancy, and public-private partnerships (PPP).
Present in eight Nordic cities with a total portfolio under management of +2,600 properties in the main real estate sectors with a total of 13M sqm totalling an AuM of EUR +37bn in the Nordics. DEAS Group is owned by Montagu Private Equity, a leading European private equity firm.


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Maria Boichenko