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Spaceti joins Cisco DNA Spaces to offer hybrid workplace technologies to Cisco Clients

May. 11, 2021

Spaceti partners with Cisco DNA to offer Space Management Platform in over 150,000 new locations!

Spaceti joins the Cisco DNA Spaces  IoT services ecosystem by integrating Cisco Wi-Fi and sensor data with Spaceti workplace products to create a Space Management Platform that will be offered to Cisco clients globally. Cisco DNA Spaces is the industry’s leading indoor location services platform, currently live across more than 150,000 locations globally. The cooperation between Cisco and Spaceti represents a great opportunity for the future of digital workplaces around the world.

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Cisco DNA Spaces is a cloud-based software platform for indoor location and IoT services.  It leverages your existing campus access network infrastructure to harness the behavioral data of people and things for actionable insights that drive business outcomes.  Cisco DNA Spaces delivers a multitude of use cases across various industries, including workspaces, real estate, healthcare, education, and financial services.

As more employers shift to a flexible work model, Spaceti’s space management solution has led to the combination of Spaceti’s Workplace Analytics solution and Cisco Wi-Fi and Cisco ecosystem partners’ sensors for indoor air quality and occupancy.

Max Verteletskyi, Spaceti’s co-founder and CEO, “We are very happy to join the Cisco DNA Spaces marketplace to help buildings globally transform their operations via greater visibility into their data and operations powered by Cisco and Spaceti infrastructure and software.”

Nathan Eagles, Sr. Product Manager for DNA spaces said, “We are thrilled to welcome Spaceti into our IoT ecosystem. With Cisco DNA Spaces and Spaceti, businesses are able to gain valuable insights into occupancy and environmental data. This has never been more important, as organizations increasingly rely on technology solutions for safer, more efficient and more flexible workspaces.”

The Spaceti solution can receive data from the following devices: SX80,RoomKit, RoomKitMini, CodecPlus, CodecPro, Room55, Room70/Room55D, Room70G2, DeskProBoards, Cisco Meraki MV cameras, and devices on the Cisco DNA Spaces IoT Device Marketplace.


Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová