7 Trends for the Post-COVID Period According to Spaceti Clients

Apr. 15, 2020

We asked our clients what they expect the main trends to be once the COVID-19 crisis passes. Here are some of their most common answers. Do you agree?

1) Flexibly allocate spaces for teams

People will often want to work from home and therefore there will be fewer seats in the office than there are workers. However, employees will not want to sit next to people they don’t know. That’s why spaces will be allocated to teams. There will be fewer seats than team members and thus they will have to be reserved in advance.

2) Increase the size of the employee workstations

Provide security with larger workstations with higher partitions. The main trend will be to create the appropriate space between people.

3) Provide healthy air quality and minimise the spread of contagions

Did you know that according to the CDC, relative indoor humidity levels above 40% greatly reduce the spread of airborne viruses? Poor ventilation indicated by higher levels of CO2 also leads to airborne infectious diseases. Measure all these metrics with the Spaceti solution and ensure that you are protecting your workplace and your employees from COVID-19 and other infections.

4) Create a productive work environment at home

Working from your kitchen table at home isn’t very productive. It will be important to make sure people have a productive environment at home as well; from a good sitting posture at a high-quality desk with an ergonomic chair to assuring good air quality.

5) Entering buildings only with a normal temperature

In the future, the safety of people will also be assured through a temperature check. People with a fever will not be allowed access to the building.

6) Allow technology to help you with collaboration

Software and hardware that facilitates collaboration in teams will be more sought after than ever before. Providing stable video conferences, quick chat tools, and online document sharing will be a must for all companies that want to remain competitive.

7) Avoid infections and reduce environmental damage by going paperless

A growing number of operational and legal teams will switch to DocuSign for a number of reasons, including preserving the environment and the fact that paper can transmit infectious diseases.



Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová