Cobblestone Improved Indoor Air Quality Using Spaceti

The Danish property management company aims to create a workplace in which their employees can fully unlock their brainpower while maximising their comfort.


Wellbeing & Productivity Increase

Expectations and Challenges

•The company refurbished their office three years ago and installed a new natural ventilation system. A total of 80% of Cobblestone’s office is ventilated naturally by opening and closing windows. The office lacks any air conditioning except for central meeting rooms. During wintertime, the employees closed the windows leading to very high CO2 levels, which reduced productivity among employees.

•Employees often reported stuffy indoor environments.

•The goal was to maximise employee productivity as salary costs are the largest operational expense for Cobblestone and similar organisations.

•Management was looking for a tool that would increase utilisation, comfort, and the value of assets.

Why Spaceti

•The Central BMS system was inadequate because it only measured data at one point, and the data was often hidden and fragmented. Spaceti’s solution provides much more granular and transparent data as opposed to traditional BMS systems.

•Spaceti democratises data by also giving employees a chance to check the air quality around them and report it to facilities management teams.

•It gives tenants the power to have data-driven conversations with landlords.

Results of the Cooperation

•The smart window system was not opening and closing windows at the right times, leading to high variations in air quality across the workplace. Through the data and analytics collected by the Spaceti solution, management was able to discover that their natural ventilation system had some inherent limits that were lower than expected.

•Currently, the Spaceti solution allows employees to see if there are high levels of CO2, temperature, or humidity in any meeting, and they can pause to improve the air quality, reconsider their working environment, and adjust a meeting accordingly.

•The new Spaceti solution brought noticeable improvements in the productivity of employees and lowered the number of complaints about air quality.

•The company implemented a modern tool for advanced facility management.