Covid 19 Solution

Are You Prepared for People to Return to the Office?

Employees expect a healthy and secure environment. Create a data-driven workplace and implement a social distancing strategy  or technology-driven contact tracing.

What about air quality? Have full control over the quality of the air in the office and offer your employees a healthy environment that minimises the spread of contagions.

Your Smart Office

Quickly Retrofit Your Offices with Easy-to-Install Wireless Technologies.

Manage Workplace Occupancy

Manage Workplace Occupancy

People expect a safe and secure workplace when fulfilling tasks that need to be done on-site. Provide a transparent overview of your office. Flexibly adjust the workplaces that can be booked to maintain safe distancing.

Offer a Personal Booking App

Offer a Personal Booking App

Assure people they will know where to work when they return to the office and allow them to book desks or a parking space using the mobile app. Increase their comfort with a digital tool that will allow them to move safely around the building.

Provide Excellent Air Quality

Provide Excellent Air Quality

Do you know the CO2 and humidity levels in your workplace? Poor ventilation causes CO2 levels to increase, leading to higher risks of airborne infections, and indoor relative humidity levels above 40% greatly reduce the spread of airborne viruses.

Social Distancing

Ensure a Social Distancing Strategy

  • Use Spaceti’s Workplace Analytics to anonymously monitor your workplace
  • Set zones or individual areas that people can book in the app
  • Ensure that interactions are kept to a minimum
  • Flexibly change settings in the dashboard according to current needs
  • Provide a safe environment that adheres to government regulations
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace
Personal Booking App

Manage Your Workplace Smoothly

  • Book meeting room, workspace or a parking space via the mobile app.
  • Pick the right workspace based on your personal preferences (preferred floor, equipment, etc.)
  • Use the real-time map to find a pleasant place to work.
  • Edit the start and end times, including the date.
  • Use your personal calendar to see your schedule and booked spaces.
Contact Tracing

Implement Precise Contact Tracing

  • Use personal booking with a check-in system to implement a contact tracing system in your workplace.
  • Monitor the presence of people in each workspace during any time period selected.
  • If someone is infected, you know who sat next to them and can quickly implement mandatory quarantines.
  • Create formatted reports and use the data to constantly monitor the workplace.
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace

Data-driven Management Can Help Fight the Coronavirus!

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Air Quality

Offer Superior Indoor Air Quality

  • Use Spaceti’s Environmental Analytics to maintain indoor relative humidity levels above 40% to reduce the spread of airborne infections.
  • Set the ideal temperature to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other contagions.
  • Reduce CO2 levels and assure proper ventilation to create a healthier and increase workplace productivity.