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Spaceti’s system is made up of a set of modules that can be combined to tailor the solution to the client’s needs, saving owners and tenants building management costs while increasing productivity and people’s wellbeing.

Indoor Navigation

Avoid Getting Lost in Your Facility, Creating Time for More Important Matters

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Do You Face These Challenges?

People Get Lost Inside the Building

People have a difficult time finding their way around large buildings and it takes time for them to find people, important points of interest, or equipment.

Ineffective Cooperation

People lose time when they cannot find others inside a building, making them inefficient.

Loss of Important Items

Important pieces of equipment shared among large groups of people are often lost in large facilities.

The Answer:

Spaceti Indoor Navigation



Create a community, collect information, and navigate easily around building.

Navigate to People

See who is present in the office, set group meeting points, and navigate directly to co-workers.

Navigate to a Room

Instantly see an overview of available meeting rooms and navigate to the one that suits you best.

Navigate to Items & Equipment

Find important equipment such as coffee machines, fire extinguishers, printers, etc.


Engage Tenants

Create a digital  layer  over the workplace  to  foster  communication and  collaboration  between employees.

Increase Productivity

Reduce  costs  as people  save  time  finding co-workers,  rooms, and  equipment and navigating  directly to points  of interest.

Know Where Things Are

Save time and money searching for important pieces of equipment and have an overview where items are currently located.

Technology of the Future

Indoor Navigation technology  is a revolution in how people spend their time within a building. It is simple to install and even easier to use.

Mobile App

Use the AR interface or the 2D map to navigate to people, rooms, and points of interest.

Share your location with your co-workers so they can find you if needed.

Organise a meeting and find an appropriate place to hold it.

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Location Smart Stone

Create an indoor positioning system that can be accessed through the mobile app using the Location Smart Stone.

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Presence Smart Stone (Optional)

The Presence Smart Stone can determine whether a chair or room is occupied or vacant.

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Occupancy Smart Stone (Optional)

​The Occupancy Smart Stone determines whether the chair is occupied or vacant. This information is displayed on the building map or used later in analytics.

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