Smart Lockers & Deliveries

Manage Smart
Lockers Smoothly

Control and manage smart lockers with the Spaceti
Building App connected to Gantner’s locks.
Inform people about package deliveries.


Have Complete Control Over Locker Usage

Building App <br> Integration

Building App

Open, share and lock lockers using the Building app. Never worry about losing a physical key.

Implement a Billing System

Implement a Billing System

Apply data from locker usage as a foundation for the payroll and allow people to pay for utilizing lockers.

Delivery Notification

Delivery Notification

Avoid leaving packages unattended and notify people about deliveries.

For Office Managers 

Manage Locker Demand From One Place.

  • Be prepared for high demand and proactively manage lockers.  
  • Divide people into groups and evaluate data across various time periods.  
  • Generate a report for a range of users or a single user in selected periods.  
  • Use locker reports as a foundation for payrolls.  
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For Employees

Enjoy Touchless Control.

  • Use lockers to safely share documents or equipment with your co-workers. 
  • Claim a locker, open and close it with just one click using the Building App.  
  • Share lockers with co-workers anytime.