Integrated Workplace Management System

Get Your Employees Back to Work

We will help you prepare for the return of employees to offices and create an environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

Your Challenges

Hesitant about your employees returning
to the office?

Manually managing and communicating the return to work?

Manually managing and communicating the return to work?

Use a digital space management system and personal booking application to manage shifts.

Trouble maintaining social distancing?

Trouble maintaining social distancing?

Monitor in real time and report your aggregated workspace, meeting room, and common area occupancy data.

Concerned about COVID-19 in the air?

Concerned about COVID-19 in the air?

Studies have shown that air quality, humidity, and temperature
are linked to preventing the spread
of diseases.

Digital Space Manager and Rule Setting

Visualize Your Workplace Foundation Easily

  • Digitize your office plan and get
    a real-time overview
    of your workplace occupancy.
  • Our space management system provides an intuitive and flexible way to dynamically manage
    the workspace and set different rules for your return to work.
  • Manage the availability
    of workplaces according
    to your occupancy and social distancing policy.
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Personal Booking App

Stay Safe by Booking Your Place

  • Employees will be able to reserve vacant workspaces, meeting rooms, or a parking space according
    to current occupancy and your social distancing policy.
  • Plan your day around
    the availability of workplaces while integrating into Outlook and Google Calendar.
  • Prevent ghost reservations by checking into your workspace or meeting room.
Workspace Occupancy Analysis

Stay Safe Now and Prepare for the Future with Data Analysis

  • Monitor real-time social distancing and workplace occupancy.
  • Analyze departmental and individual workspace occupancy over-time.
  • Export charts and reports
    for different periods into standard formats (csv, xls) or via API integration.
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Air Quality Management

Prevent the Circulation of Pathogens in Your Workplace

  • Adjust the temperature and maintain relative humidity levels above 40% to reduce the spread
    of airborne infections.
  • Ensure circulation of clean air by monitoring whether there are high levels of CO2, temperature, or humidity in any room.
  • Use historical reports to have data-driven conversations with your employees and landlords.

The Only Vertically Integrated Solution

  • Our lightweight occupancy sensor detects whether a workplace
    is available and can potentially
    be booked.
  • The room occupancy sensor, ideal
    for meeting rooms and common areas, will show whether a room
    is empty or occupied.
  • Use our environmental sensors
    to measure advanced environmental parameters, including CO2, temperature,
    and humidity.
  • The parking sensor determines
    the availability of a spot, and guides users to open spaces and saving time and eliminating frustration.
  • All our sensors are wireless
    and have an estimated battery life of up to five years.
Look how L’Oreal increased the efficiency of their workplace


Data-driven analytics will help you improve wellbeing
and productivity
in the workspace

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