Spaceti Partners with Steelcase Mexico to Innovate Office Spaces

Oct. 2, 2023

Spaceti, a leading proptech company, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Steelcase Mexico, a prominent office furniture solutions provider. This collaboration aims to redefine modern workspace environments and deliver state-of-the-art office experiences to the Mexican market.

During a visit to the Steelcase Mexico headquarters: Jorge Gutierrez, Raúl Hernández Rivas

“This partnership introduces advanced best-practice strategies for data integration, reporting, and analytics in the workplace, benefiting all organization stakeholders through our comprehensive data resources,” said Jorge Gutierrez, Technical Sales Executive at Spaceti. “In collaboration with Steelcase Mexico, we focus on value creation through iterative, user-friendly technology, moving beyond typical one-off delivery projects. That’s what makes us stronger; that’s why we come together,” added Jorge Gutierrez.

Spaceti took the chance to ask Raúl Hernández Rivas about the key highlights regarding the partnership between Steelcase Mexico and Spaceti.

“Partnering with Spaceti amplifies our commitment to innovation, filling a technological void and empowering businesses with strategic, data-driven space management solutions,” said Raúl Hernández Rivas, Director, New Business Innovation at Steelcase Mexico.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

1. What attributes did Steelcase Mexico recognize in Spaceti that fostered this partnership?
Steelcase Mexico recognized Spaceti as an agile and innovative company specializing in software solutions, which perfectly aligns with their strategy concerning space management consultancy services.

2. What technological void are we addressing?
The partnership addresses a technological void by providing real-time analytics tools for space management. This is an essential need that this partnership is keen on addressing, improving how spaces are managed and analyzed.

3. What expertise does this partnership offer to Steelcase Mexico clients?
The collaboration offers comprehensive and adaptable services equipped with data-driven insights to clients. This expertise aids in strategic decision-making processes, providing Steelcase Mexico clients with a competitive advantage and better space utilization.

About Spaceti: Founded in 2016, Spaceti’s Holistic Space Management Platform is utilized by both landlords and occupiers to enhance the building experience for users and consolidate all their data in one centralized platform. Recognized as the first-place winner in the prestigious Worldwide Proptech Startup Competition by MIPIM in 2019, Spaceti offers its clients adaptability and scalability. With a suite of flexible, interoperable modules, clients can tailor their solutions based on their primary organizational objectives. Today, Spaceti operates in over 200 workplaces and boasts global coverage supported by localized partners.

About Steelcase: Steelcase, with a legacy of over 100 years, crafts innovative solutions at the intersection of furniture, design, architecture, and technology, aiming to transform living and working experiences while unleashing human potential. Emphasizing sustainable design, they’ve achieved carbon neutrality and developed products using highly sustainable and recyclable materials to protect the environment. They believe in continuous learning and global reach, with 45 locations across 17 countries, all rooted in a tradition of solving problems innovatively since 1912.


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