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Introducing Work Space Solutions

Feb. 15, 2021

A short interview with Work Space Solutions…

Let’s Dive in with Work Space Solutions!

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Our workspace strategy centers around helping our clients define a future approach to the workspace where they can enhance their occupancy footprint, employee satisfaction, and productivity while receiving the best technology tools to make these decisions. Data is key when thinking about the future of work and making the right decisions in these uncertain times. Spaceti Analytics provides the correct tools to analyze, think, and design the workspace and manage everyday occupancy by delivering a better experience and a safe return to collaborators and easier management.

As a technology backed company, we rely on data. Transparency is essential for us and, most importantly, to help our clients base their decisions on exact figures and impressions. Flexibility is becoming more and more critical every day. As a result of that, we understand that it is fundamental for our business to be flexible in the way we approach our ideas and bring flexibility to our clients. We take problems seriously and fully dedicate our attention to solutions. Knowing our clients is fundamental in order to incorporate culture and values into the workspace analysis. Aside from gathering as much information as possible from the management and HR, several tools such as online surveys and personal interviews with the collaborators give us knowledge about their concerns and expectations.

Redesigning workspaces is a process-based on the past, present, and future. We start by analyzing the past – company DNA, evolution, values, and culture – then the present – understanding how they work and their expectations and concerns – and we plan the future – rethinking the workspace strategy and providing the right tools for a better experience. Flexibility can be integrated into numerous forms, we intend to bring the exact type of structure that works for a client in particular, but that could be completely different from the strategy that other clients would have. We are flexible by nature in the way we approach our solutions. Our involvement goes very deep in a company’s transformation process, once we want to provide the strategy for the transformation in the workspace and the technology for the digital transformation, which has become paramount nowadays. As a tech backed company, we want to facilitate the process of the decision of a company.

A Partnership and Future with Spaceti
Having Spaceti on board was always one of our main priorities for the business. We are delighted that we were able to show the importance of bringing a technology partner for our business, as well as Spaceti saw in us the significance of having a partner with Workspace capabilities in Europe, with a particular focus in Iberia. We are confident this will be a great partnership for the future. We expect that this “new technology” that we are now starting to implement in the companies will be a “must-have” for most businesses to decide their future Real Estate Strategy. We believe that we have created a partnership with Spaceti and a team that is willing to grow and develop together. We share common goals and visions of the future, always trying to provide great quality service and solutions. Spaceti was a big part of establishing this business and will most surely continue to be in the future. As mentioned before, we want to be a technology-based workspace company, and we expect Spaceti to continue to be our main partner. I’m sure that both companies will evolve vigorously over the next few years, and our paths will stay side by side.

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Cate Lytle