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Warner Music Spain launches “The Music Station” powered by Spaceti

Jul. 11, 2022

Warner Music Spain, in collaboration with Spaceti, WSS, and Utopicus, has launched The Music Station, the world’s first creative-musical hub that also enables hybrid and flexible work.

, a leading player in PropTech, has collaborated with Warner Music Spain to launch The Music Station, the world’s first creative-musical hub based in Madrid at the renovated Príncipe Pío train station, built in 1861. The cooperation between Spaceti and Warner Music Spain started when WMS decided to move to its new Madrid headquarters with the idea to create a new creative co-working environment for Warner Music employees, artists, composers, producers, managers, and creative professionals, providing them a powerful tool to enhance the building and workplace experience while enabling hybrid and flexible work via “The Music Station” app.  


“Spaceti proved incredibly quick to engage with and understand our vision and systems requirements. The scope and aspirations of our project have changed immensely over time, but Spaceti has been creative, flexible, and adaptable over the course of the project, working with us step-by-step and often coming up with new suggestions for systems enhancements that could help streamline our internal operations. We look forward to continuing to work with them to enhance The Music Station experience for our employees and artists,” said Sergio Méndez, Head of Artists Services & Institutional Relations at Warner Music Spain.  


With the help of Spaceti, Warner Music was able to transform its unique Spanish office building into a space that appealed both to employees and the artists working there. The new space in Madrid consists of more than 10,000 square meters (100,000 square feet) of co-working space, recording studios, a café, and even a performance theatre and auditorium. The space houses Warner Music Spain and Warner Chappell Music Spain. The new collaborative and creative environments were achieved by integrating smart building Spaceti solutions such as:   

  • A customized “The Music Station” application for Warner Music artists, employees, and the general public to interact with the space. 
  • Booking Management System (booking desks, parking spots, meeting rooms, rehearsal rooms, studios, and other amenities with specific policies). 
  • 24/7 Access Control System Integrations. 
  • Smart Lockers for storing personal items. 
  • Community events, newsfeeds, and performances. 

To read “The Music Station” case study, click here.

“The Music Station is a great example of how disruptive innovation and technology can be applied to an existing building. Spaceti’s white-labeled mobile app and workplace experience platform responds and adapts to the needs of the specific industry and personalizes the building experience for the different user groups. It is a unique experiment that will allow the public, artists, and employees, to create and experience music in a way that blends the physical and digital layers, creating an immersive built environment. This can serve as a model for the future of mixed-use real estate,” said Max Verteletskyi, CEO & Cofounder at Spaceti.  


Along with Spaceti, the project has seen Warner Music Spain partnering with Utopicus, Workspace Solutions Tech (WSS), and SALTO Systems. 


About Spaceti:  

Founded in 2016, Spaceti Holding B.V. helps tenants and landlords drive customer value with a Hybrid work app (booking of desks, meeting rooms, parking lots, lockers) and with Workplace analytics of IoT data (occupancy, temperature, humidity, CO2).


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Maria Boichenko