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Spaceti and Sodexo Sign Global Partnership

Nov. 19, 2019

Sodexo, the world’s leader in Quality of Life Services, has selected Spaceti as a global partner to build space management solutions and people-focused services to give building users more flexibility while supporting companies in quantifying and improving their smart office experience through ethnography, IoT, and data science.

Through this partnership, both companies will jointly promote more digitally-enabled and optimised workplaces. The global partnership furthers Sodexo’s mission to infuse technology and data into the workplace experience of the future. By using Spaceti‘s integrated analytics platform, companies can analyse levels of workplace and parking utilisation, air quality, and more to enable an efficient and comfortable environment. By also displaying this information through different interfaces such as mobile applications, meeting room panels, and other AV displays, Spaceti is able to provide a seamless workplace experience for employees.

“We are very proud to embark on this journey with Sodexo to jointly discover how we can best use new technologies to create data-driven and cost-efficient workplaces. Using our integrated space analytics technology and Sodexo’s human-centric approach, we believe that we can help clients and the overall market shift to digital real estate and more streamlined facilities management,” Spaceti Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Aakash Ravi said.

“We share a common vision with Spaceti that the performance of organisations is strongly driven by the quality of life of its employees. Sodexo brings solutions to millions of consumers in the workplace every day and are constantly innovating to ensure our offers respond to expectations and evolutions in the workplace. Healthy, well-designed, and comfortable environments have a huge impact on the wellbeing and productivity of employees, while providing the smartest use of space. Spaceti’s solutions provide direct benefits to employees as well as hard-data to support facilities management decisions,” said Yannick Villar, CEO and Co-Founder of Wx, the Sodexo corp-up.

Under this partnership, Sodexo will offer Spaceti’s technologies to its clients and to the wider workplace community in order to improve the comfort and productivity of employees and to help clients optimise the use of their real estate portfolios. In addition, Sodexo will leverage Spaceti’s solutions to develop projects for its clients by co-designing and continuously improving the in-building environment using technology, e.g. by reserving available space in real time, to geo-locating colleagues and services, and to using space analytics to refit the workplace.

Aneta Klímová
Aneta Klímová