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New Partnership to Revolutionize Italian Proptech Market: Combining Expertise with R2M Solution!

Mar. 17, 2023

Spaceti, a leading provider of smart building solutions, has partnered with R2M Solution, an Italian company, to strengthen its presence in Italy. This blog features an interview with Roberta Roffi, R2M’s Business Development Team Leader, discussing the company’s mission, vision, and potential for growth in the Italian Proptech market together with Spaceti’s smart building solutions.


We are excited to announce that Spaceti has partnered with R2M Solution, an Italian engineering company specialized in integrated and multidisciplinary consulting, sale of innovative products, research and development. Their main goal is to bridge the gap between European Commission research activities and practical applications in areas such as energy, mobility, environment, and IT.

New Partnership Spaceti and R2M Solution

Spaceti and R2M Solution during MIPIM 2023 in Cannes, France.


Spaceti took the opportunity to interview Roberta Roffi, R2M’s Business Development Team Leader, to learn more about the company’s mission, vision, and the potential for growth in the Italian Proptech market. This blog explores the partnership between the two companies and shares insights from the interview with Roberta Roffi.

Read along with us:

We’re looking forward to hearing about your company. Can you give us an overview of R2M Solution and what sets it apart?

Founded in Milan in 2012 with offices in Pavia, Milan and Cagliari, R2M Solution operates as an accelerator to bring new technologies and services to the market in the fields of real estate, digitalization, ICT, manufacturing, smart grids, smart cities, decarbonization and energy transition.

The philosophy is “from zero to one”. A link that R2M Solution creates between research and market, unique in Italy, France and Spain, thanks to the transversal skills of the young, multi-specialist and highly qualified that distinguishes the company.
With a total turnover of 8 million (of which 3.8 in Italy), R2M Solution boasts a staff of 100 people (of which 47 in Italy) operating in 5 European branches and an experience of over 10 years in the implementation, management, coordination and evaluation of research programs at European level.


Can you describe R2M Solution’s mission and its focus on sustainability?

All our activities are focused on sustainability:

In the DNA of R2M there are green building certifications, Leed, Breeam, Well, Fitwell with assistance in: certification phase, feasibility of due diligence and support for the tenders and verifications.
Consulting and certifications often provide an opportunity to suggest innovative products and services to customers and to identify where research and development is needed in the market.

From research to the market: this is the path and the landing point of R2M Solution which, with the marketing of products and the offer of services, in 2021 has come to cover 50% of the company’s business. Solutions that are also easy to use, low cost and easy to transport, which improve well-being, comfort, environmental quality and energy performance both for individual buildings and in urban areas.
High-tech tools and software, which operate simulations to increase the performance of individual ESG criteria. Optimal performance that can be achieved thanks to the mix of solutions that R2M Solution offers, ranging from the use of artificial intelligence to sensors and 3D modeling applied to the built world.

R2M is also R2M Energy: it offers consulting, certification, performance contracting and energy management services, often with the aim of deploying innovative technologies. Ecobonus, NZEB and Energy Communities are the areas in which we operate.


How will this partnership with Spaceti benefit R2M Solution’s clients?

R2M’s customers range from Asset Management Companies, Credit Institutions and Institutional Bodies to design firms, general contractors and high-caliber consultancy companies. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all these companies, leading to a need for more careful planning and simplified management of office spaces where employees and consultants work.

Moreover, there is a growing drive among these companies to ensure a better working environment, including the healthiness of the spaces. This has resulted in a need for monitoring spaces using sensors that collect data that can be openly shared. By leveraging Spaceti’s products and expertise, companies can take a data-driven approach to workspace management, ensuring that their facilities meet the highest standards for health, safety, and sustainability.


Can you give an example of a successful project you have led and what steps you took to ensure clients’ sustainability goals?

From the planning of energy communities in Carloforte as part of the European research project REACT Horizon 2020 that uses the simulation environment of the digital twin IES Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL), to the consultancy and support activities in the realization of the Loc (Loreto open community) project, regeneration intervention of the Piazzale Loreto area in Milan, winner of the international Reinventing call Cities promoted by the C40 network of cities. On this occasion, R2M Solution provided simulation based KPIs for the sustainability performance of buildings and districts, the planning of integrated building photovoltaics, the planning and impact of nature-based solutions within the project.


Can you tell us about R2M Solution’s involvement in the Green Building Council and how it benefits R2M Solution’s clients?

As R2M we have always collaborated with the community of the Green Building Council Italia. We are active in committees, technical tables and in official training. The responsiveness of GBC platform is an excellent driving force to accelerate the transformation of the real estate market. Increasing the expertise of the entire construction world supply chain from a green building perspective is the basis of a systematic adoption of new enabling technologies for the decarbonization of real estate.


How does R2M Solution collaborate with clients to support their decarbonization goals?

R2M offers solutions to help customers identify possible ways to improve their path to sustainability, acceleration of digitization and decarbonization. R2M’s support goes from high-level consultancy to help clients in drafting procedures related to their ESG Agenda, also through the recent indications of the European Taxonomy and the DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) principle; or during the design/masterplan phase of urban planning or requalification projects through the application of Nature Based Solutions (R2M Solution adopts the GreenPass certification platform and quantification system for the benefits of green areas) and the evaluation of building design choices through dynamic energy modelling (R2M Solution adopts the IES Intelligent Communities Lifecycle suite of solutions) on a scale that can range from single buildings to entire neighborhoods.


What is your perspective on the growth and potential of Proptech in the Italian market?

We are active as R2M in the Proptech community in Italy. Also at European level we participate in various European projects that talk about building digital logbooks and smart readiness indicators. The potential of Proptech in Italy is very high, the real estate industry is changing and, to respond to the needs of the stakeholders, the only way is the integration of new technologies into existing processes.
Regulatory pressures will help this transition towards an ESG approach in the built world.


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