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How FMG’s Partnership With Spaceti Benefits Your Next Office Move in the Nordics?

Dec. 9, 2022

Introducing FMG (First Mover Group), a leading real estate advisory company in the Nordics & Central Europe with offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. They’re partnering with Spaceti to extend our expertise abroad, offering their customers the latest in smart building and smart workplace technology.

In this interview with Spaceti, FMG’s Senior Advisor Workspace, Martin Nilsen-Moe, shared his insights about the partnership and how it will benefit Nordic customers.

Read along with us:


Hi Martin! We’re looking forward to hearing about your company. Can you tell us more about First Mover Group and what makes it unique?

Headquartered at Skøyen in Oslo, First Mover Group is a leading Nordic player offering premium services to businesses on the move. Based on investments in technology, infrastructure, and a highly specialized workforce, we have a unique offering that adds significant value to our client’s workplace investment. We work daily to create Better Beginnings for our customers. We do that by providing a full range of services, starting with identifying future workplace needs, searching to find the perfect property, and negotiating the best deal for our customers.

Then we manage the entire project from A to Z, including coordination and construction follow-up, interior design specification, procurement services, and relocation planning. Finally, we execute the relocation process and return of existing premises. We manage the logistics and assembly of all new furniture, AV equipment, and racks and have you up and running at your new premises with minimum downtime.


Spaceti during a visit to the FMG HQ: Hieu Do, Max Verteletskyi, Andreas Skotvedt Irgens, Martin Nilsen-Moe

Spaceti during a visit to the FMG HQ: Hieu Do, Max Verteletskyi, Andreas Skotvedt Irgens, Martin Nilsen-Moe


What markets do you operate in, and what is your company’s vision?

FMG is headquartered at Skøyen in Oslo and operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.
Thousands of businesses are signing new rental contracts in the Nordics each year. Many of these contracts result in relocation or upgrades of workplaces.

Our vision is “We create better beginnings”. It reflects the work we do for our customers every day. We help them realize new dreams through better beginnings.

We state that we deliver our premium services “to businesses on the move” to clarify that our focus is on helping businesses, including private and public companies, institutions, and organizations. When we asked our employees, they highlighted the importance of delivering high quality. High quality or “premium services” is at the heart of who we are and what differentiates us from our competitors. It is also a commitment that we want to be innovative and ahead of our competitors, ensuring a seamless process for our customers.


First Mover Group provides a comprehensive process for company relocation. Can you describe this process?

    • Tenant advisory services:
      Future needs, workplace analysis, search for premises and contract negotiation, project management, construction follow-up, interior design specifications, and procurement services.
    • Business relocation services:
      Project management services, including detailed planning, budgeting and follow-up, communication, and site management. Then, coordination of deliveries at a new facility, management of existing furniture (move/sale/dispose), coordination and execution of the relocation process, and return of existing premises.
    • Logistics and assembly services:
      Storage, transportation, and assembly of office furniture, audio-visual equipment, warehouse racks, and other high-end equipment.


What do you see as key factors defining company relocation’s success?

In the beginning of the project, the key is a project directive. The project directive describes the process that will lead and will provide all parties involved with a clear framework.

The project directive must set clear goals for the project and participants. The goals are broken down per subproject, and each subproject’s responsibility is described in detail. An overall schedule with milestones will be established in connection with the project directive. A project organization is established with defined use of resources per project.

In addition, an overall financial framework is established for the project and defines how the progress and finances are to be reported to the project owner. The project directive is established through a workshop facilitated by FMG, where we gather several relevant managers to develop a draft of the project directive. The final draft will be presented to the project owner and steering committee.

The Project Directive addresses, among other things:

    • Values, strategy, and the project’s vision
    • Overall goals
    • Measurement parameters and success criteria
    • Project mandate
    • Project management
    • Subprojects
    • Communication

We’d love to learn more about how partnering with Spaceti can benefit First Mover Group? How do you plan to use the analytics data?

The use of sensors will provide the opportunity for precise insight into actual presence and patterns from workplaces to meeting rooms and common areas. The data allows us to incur insight across the project and contribute to broader involvement.
Being aware of one’s perception versus actual use creates engagement and a greater understanding of a process.

We gather information from every employee, and this gives us concrete insights, which combined with the sensors, provides us with the ability to understand the cultural and organizational needs and challenges we face. With this, we make sure to create the basis for broad user involvement across departments and locations. We can create smarter workspaces that encourage productivity and motivation by developing a deep understanding of how a business operates.


And finally: What do you think is going on with workplace transformation? How has it changed during the past years? Any insights or big-picture thoughts on how things will continue evolving over time?

Studies and experience during and after the pandemic indicate that flexibility and facilitation of autonomy, along with choices, increase the well-being and efficiency of individual employees. We find that it is not necessarily changes in the number of square meters that are needed to realize the companies’ ambitions for the workplace, but that it is more about the layout of the office. This enables flexibility in the process and contributes to a high degree of interdisciplinary involvement. Our experience makes us confident that we have the proper fundamentals and expertise to guide us through any journey. The market is reaching a consensus that the future will support an activity-based workplace and hybrid work-life balance.


About the Group:

First Mover Group Holding AS (“the Group” or FMGH) is a holding company controlling all the subsidiaries of FMG. The company was established when FMGH acquired First Mover Group AS (including its subsidiaries) on 7 May 2019. The acquisition is considered to be a transaction after IFRS. Subsequently, historical financial statements for 2019 for First Mover Group AS are the consolidated statements as of 7 May 2019 and not the full financial year 2019.

FMG is headquartered at Skøyen in Oslo. The geographical reach includes all larger cities in Scandinavia, including Oslo, Drammen, Stavanger, Bergen, and Trondheim in Norway, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö in Sweden, Copenhagen, and Aarhus in Denmark. In addition, the company has a branch in Krefeld outside Düsseldorf in Germany.

FMGreen is First Mover Group’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Social responsibility and sustainability are embedded in our company culture, and we actively work to reduce both our clients’ and our own environmental footprint. FMG is ISO certified 14001 and 9001. The company has the financial capacity to carry out any project and holds AAA creditworthiness.

More information can be found here.



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