Excellent Design and Smart Technology in One

Feb. 28, 2018

Smart and attractive design and a modern digital office are two aspects of building and facility management that are growing in importance. Today, they’ve outgrown their original roles and become part of a firm’s brand, its HR, and its marketing because today’s enterprises understand the impact that a positive work environment has on the health and wellbeing of its employees.

Excellent Design and Smart Technology in One

These are also qualities evaluated in CBRE’s Meeting Room of the Year, which recognizes the best and most interesting offices in the Czech Republic. Spaceti was a proud partner of this exceptional event!

This year’s ceremony took place on February 21, 2018 at the MSD IT Global Innovation Center in Prague-Smíchov. Spaceti, alongside the most noteworthy office projects in the country, presented its technology designed to make indoor environments more pleasant and inviting.

Executives, nominees from various fields, visitors, and the judges were be able to test all the digital office functions offered through our technology and mobile application, including our new chair sensors, as well as witness an example of occupancy data analysis.

“Creating a modern office doesn’t just mean choosing the highest-quality timeless furniture. The key to success is to offer occupants comfort and ideal working conditions according to real-time demands. That’s exactly what Spaceti’s technology provides. We’re excited to demonstrate our vision for a digital office to visitors of the Meeting Room of the Year event”, said Aneta Klímová, CMO Spaceti.

The Meeting Room of the Year allows firms to present the best projects that reflect their corporate culture and vision while meeting and adapting to constantly evolving conditions and employee demands. Firms like Microsoft, Unilever, SAP, Google, and PWC have all taken part in the past. That’s why we’re proud to help make this event happen as a partner and as a member of the larger FM community.

Congratulations to SAP Services (Meeting Room of the Year), Opero, Notino, Vault 42, SCS Software, NEORIS, Mainstream Technologies, and Yuar Atelier!

Do Thu Trang
Do Thu Trang
Communications & PR